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dinne 03-09-19 20:44


Originally Posted by SrDanielPonces (Post 8127934)

Can't wait to smell all this wet rust :D

CheshireBitch 04-09-19 09:09

I love those screenshots ! They look great !

SrDanielPonces 04-09-19 11:52


Originally Posted by Deathly Karma (Post 8127946)
yasss daniel, it's looking good! :jmp:


Originally Posted by dinne (Post 8127948)
Can't wait to smell all this wet rust :D


Originally Posted by CheshireBitch (Post 8128134)
I love those screenshots ! They look great !

Yassss my lovesss thank you for the support :hug: I'm really trying to make this level my best one so far!!

Howaito 04-09-19 18:23

some more screenies. kinda hard to maintin motivation to see this thru but day by day plodding away.. everyone else looks great x x

SrDanielPonces 04-09-19 19:45

Just finished playing my level from start to finish, it's quite big!

The other level shouldn't take more than 5 minutes... :ponder:

Baslakor 04-09-19 20:20

How come you couldn't put it in one level?

SrDanielPonces 04-09-19 20:40

I've reached 255 room limit :) I also can't have more flipmaps nor flyby camera sequences.

dinne 04-09-19 21:27


Originally Posted by Howaito (Post 8128362)

Come on, we need some TR1 with real snow since 1996. :p

So, uhm, I think I'm at a good point to tell that I'll complete it on time for the deadline. But. This evening I decided to finally connect all my rooms, logically, with levers, keys, cards, puzzle items, and other required steps to get access here and there.
So this is my (blurry/no-spoiler) conceptual map... It's not a planimetry, it's the map of the "steps". Really not a linear level at all. I've headache I guess.
I wonder if it's too much... I'm not going to edit it because of time, but seeing everything on "paper" makes me quite worried now, it seems too dispersive and boring, I don't know...

(colored squares are main areas, little texts are levers, keys, cards, puzzle holes and so on)


Baslakor 04-09-19 21:37

That's really impressive! Most of my conceptual maps are on napkins and backs of grocery receipts... :vlol:


I've reached 255 room limit I also can't have more flipmaps nor flyby camera sequences.
And here I thought my level was huge with 150+ rooms. I'm getting really curious!

Keep going Howaito! Love the screens! You can do it! :D

SrDanielPonces 04-09-19 21:47

yeah, it's pretty big :vlol:

Although Tomb Editor allows more than 255 rooms, those can't have portals unfortunately

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