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AgentXP 01-07-19 16:00

Create a Classic Competition 2019
Create a Classic is BACK!

Main Rules:

  • Deadline for completion 31st October
  • Create a level with at least 30 mins of gameplay
  • Use original textures from Tomb Raiders 1-5.

Extra Rule clarifications

  • Join at any time, as long as your entry is completed by the deadline!
  • A combination of any textures from the first five TR’s is allowed – e.g. Can use a mix of both TR1 and TR3 textures in one level.
  • New Transition textures may be created, as long as they are modified original game textures
  • Base your level on an original WAD or combination of original WADs from TR 1 to 5; however you ARE allowed to include some custom non-original or modified original objects if they are in-keeping with the classic feel of the level. Please keep this to a maximum of around 12 new items per level to keep it feeling classic. (N.B. If you want to create a level with lots of new custom objects, then this probably isn’t the competition for you!)
  • Animations from TR5 such as crawl-flip-out, swingpole and tightrope are allowed. (Builders are encouraged to make use of the faster shimmy/climb-up anims or a new standing pose anim if they wish :))
  • Custom scripts are allowed if the results still feel in keeping with the classic theme (Custom flares are allowed)
  • Fog/Distance Fog is allowed
  • Dxtre3D, TRNG, FLEP and Tomb Editor are all permitted, use whichever engine you wish, just maintain a classic feel!
  • 128 bit resized versions of the original textures can be used if preferred
  • If you need to split your level due to limits, similar to the multi-level BtB entries, that is fine :)

New custom outfits are allowed (In addition to the roughly 12 new items)
Any sounds are permitted (original TR and new)

Please post below if you plan to enter,
and if you have an idea what genre you are planning to build, please state this as well.
Happy Building! :) :jmp::cool:

List of Builders and Themes:

LoreRaider: South Pacific
Nina Croft: Catacomb/Egyptian
PhryneCroft: Tibet
SrDanielPonces: Wreck of Maria Doria
scion05: Peru
Sabatu: Atlantis (Now TR4 Giza)
AgentXP: TR4 Cairo/Moorish/Coastal
Dermahn: Jungle
bigfoot: Coastal Ruins/Cleopal/Underwater
Baslakor: Egypt TR1
tombraiderxii: Sleeping with the Fishes
Feder: Antartica
mizuno_suisei: TR2 Offshore Rig setting
sampiza: TR4 egypt/Karnak
kaufi-lc (Maybe): Theme TBC
dcw123: Lost Library
GameGlitcher77: Willard's castle/Labyrinth
LOTRKingluis: TR5 Chronicles Rome level - "All Roads Lead To Rome"
dishmush: TR5 Ireland
klona: TR5 Ireland
matrix54: Underwater Base/Sub
DJ_Full: Catacombs
Osvaldo: London - "Abandoned cathedral"
ThiagoTR: Coastal Ruins/Catacombs/Cleopatra Palace/Lost Library
Reggie: Peru - Jungle/Mountain setting
Quasar NEO: Maybe
disapearing-boy: Maybe - Egypt TR4
Raider99: Underwater Base
croftyboy: TR3 India
tomblover: TR1 Egypt
Topixtor: Monastery level (TR2 engine)
nusretsirin: TR3 India
DroneSpencer: Temple of Xian and Floating Island
CheshireBitch: Theme TBC
dinne: Russia/Siberia
Arakanga: Angkor Wat
GabrielCroft: Rome
benjamin_2010: Greece
DaroRaider: Theme TBC
Howaito: Peru
NelthAarionN: Reunion TR3
_TombExplorer_: Russia/Cold War
Scourge05: Catacombs - TR4
Piano_Raider (grinder1) - Scotland

Completed Levels
Once you have completed your entries, you might want to consider getting your level beta tested, one of the mods can give you access to the testing forum if you ask them. Testing is important, so please try and allow time for this when building! :) Once that is complete, participants need to please send me their entries, so that I can ensure that they are all published at the same time once the competition is complete.

October Update
It’s now into the final month of building! If you haven’t already, it’s time to start thinking about getting your levels beta tested. If you want access to the beta testing section of the forum, please message one of the mods. :) (Please don’t message me for access; I’m not a mod, so I can’t help you with this!)

Once you level has been beta tested and fixed, please can you send me a link to your level (via PM), that is live for at least (preferably more than) 30 days, as I won’t be sharing the links on the voting thread until the start of November once all the entries are in.

The Deadline is Approaching...

It’s just over a week until the 31st October, which is the deadline for Create a Classic competition entries. If you would like to submit an entry, please send a PM containing a download link for your level, to AgentXP before the end of the 31st October. (I will check my inbox on the morning of 1st Nov, so it doesn't matter what timezone you are in)

AgentXP will then be sending the levels to trle.net. (Builders do not need to)

If you have a level story or specific screenshots that you want to include, please can you add them to your zip papckage!

Thanks, and good luck with the final building!
Agent :D

LoreRaider 01-07-19 16:12

Yasss, I'm in :D

I think I'm going to keep working on my South Pacific level for this competition :D

Nina Croft 01-07-19 16:20

Count me in!

My level will most probably be a mix of Catacomb / Egyptian, but that is subject to changes... Will let you know if I decide to change the class / genre.

This will also be my debut, so wish me luck :tea:

PhryneCroft 01-07-19 16:54

Yes! I'm definitely in the competition!:jmp: This fits my idea of ​​a Tibetlevel really good. :D

Sabatu 01-07-19 17:07

Iam in :) but still do not know what should I do :). By the way. Pedro is asking if he can join to( do not punish mě for mentioning him ther pleas :)

This is great:) i though About catacomb, or tibet or pacific, then i saw post from phrynecroft, lore And Nina :)...

I Will do tr1 atlantis/mine, but i doubt i Will be abble to win with this theme :)

SrDanielPonces 01-07-19 17:12

I've always liked the idea of making a direct sequel of my ORC, so I guess this is the perfect opportunity to work on a level :admles:

God, I'm getting myself on so many projects already, but count me in!

scion05 01-07-19 17:27

Okay... I’m gonna do Peru! :)

Sabatu 01-07-19 17:33

Ok final decision on my level:
Name: Atlantean Kingdom
Style: TR1 Mines/Atlantis

LOTRKingluis 01-07-19 18:11

It will depend on exams, but i'll go for Rome level :jmp:

GabrielCroft 01-07-19 18:21


Sabatu 01-07-19 18:46

This post was full of radiation

Dermahn 01-07-19 18:49

I'm gonna do a jungle level :)

I have a few questions regarding the rules:
Are new moves allowed, such as Krystian's Crawlspace Flexibility?
Do retextured objects count into the 12 new objects limit?

bigfoot 01-07-19 20:40

You can count me too :).
That will be like a break after my Ptolemaic levels.
But I don't know where exactly :confused: :p .

Titak 01-07-19 20:43


Originally Posted by Sabatu (Post 8106009)
I just heard you can't post anything from banned person so if this is right i will delete it :)

So please delete that part of your message.
Pedro can build a level if he wants, he just can't have it discussed here or have it up for download here, using members as messengers, as long as his ban is still in place.

DJ Full 01-07-19 21:47


Sabatu 01-07-19 22:39

Ohh my god :)
My first room :)


Baslakor 02-07-19 00:11


I'll go for ancient (eg; TR1) Egypt!

tombraiderxii 02-07-19 01:33

Mayyyybe just maaaaybe

I'm thinking of either Shakespeare Cliff or Sleeping with the Fishes, since I couldn't finish Madhouse for the last competition :D

GeekOfComedy 02-07-19 01:48

What a #TBT, I haven't played my create a classic level in 3 years. Y'all go to TRLE - play it and give me a thumbs up, comment and subscribe. :D :D :vlol:

LoreRaider 02-07-19 09:10

Here's a shot from my level (which I posted as well on the Screenshots thread, but with new things added), one of the many caves that will be in the level :D
Currently I'm also working on a feature which is missing on the PC version, you'll see what I mean :)

SrDanielPonces 02-07-19 11:05


Originally Posted by tombraiderxii (Post 8106109)
Mayyyybe just maaaaybe

I'm thinking of either Shakespeare Cliff or Sleeping with the Fishes, since I couldn't finish Madhouse for the last competition :D

And why don't you finish the madhouse for this one?

matrix54 02-07-19 11:47

Hmmm... maybe Iíll enter again this year. :ponder:

Shakira Croft 02-07-19 11:50

Ohhh this is awesome! I'm gonna think about it and maybe join :jmp:

Feder 02-07-19 13:11

So many interesting projects :jmp:

Count me in :) I'll be choosing Antartica

Dustie 02-07-19 13:20


Originally Posted by matrix54 (Post 8106182)
Hmmm... maybe Iíll enter again this year. :ponder:

Please do :D It would be great to see a lot of good names in this competition :)

mizuno_suisei 02-07-19 13:39

Yes please!

TR2 Offshore Rig setting

sampiza 02-07-19 15:31

I'll try to make a level for this competition, the theme will be TR4 egypt. :D

kaufi-lc 02-07-19 17:53

Nice to see this competition pop up again! Maybe I'll join too, should go a lot faster now with TombEditor.:jmp:

dcw123 02-07-19 20:39


I wanna go.
And this time I'm not gonna get suckered into making too many custom TGA tiles or objects - nope.. keep it basic, that the plan.

I love the classic style, so nostalgic.

I don't have a plan in terms of TR1-5 or type of level yet though - maybe something like TR2's Floating Islands (minus the guards due to TRLE restraints)
Or TR3 Aldwych something like that

EDIT: Arghhhhh its so hard to choose a theme. I didn't want to pick something someone else already had picked in the OP.
I wanted to do Floating Islands but someone already made a TR2 custom level recently, and I didn't want the comparison too much LOL
Currently sifting through Katie's TR site screenshots of the series and seeing what jumps out.. bearing in mind TR4 engine limitations for enemies etc

Baslakor 02-07-19 22:25


Originally Posted by sampiza (Post 8106229)
I'll try to make a level for this competition, the theme will be TR4 egypt. :D

That surely narrows it down. :vlol:

dcw123 02-07-19 23:05

I could do a TR4 or TRC level, but somehow I don't think they feel 'classic' enough compared to TR1-3 .. is that just me?

I could always just use a TR3 Lara skin and then TR4 models/TGA but that might look a little odd.
What do you guys think?

Failing that I might just go ahead and make TR2's floating islands anyway regardless..

GameGlitcher77 03-07-19 06:44

TR1 Castle
A TR1 engine level with a gothic castle theme

Any texts from TR1-5 and the Golds that would make a convincing castle theme

Dustie 03-07-19 10:22


Originally Posted by dcw123 (Post 8106331)
I could do a TR4 or TRC level, but somehow I don't think they feel 'classic' enough compared to TR1-3 .. is that just me?

I could always just use a TR3 Lara skin and then TR4 models/TGA but that might look a little odd.
What do you guys think?

Failing that I might just go ahead and make TR2's floating islands anyway regardless..

I think all TR1-5 should feel classic enough, as long as you stick to the simplistic Core esthetic. Somehow TR1-3 Lara will feel more authentic in TR1-3 environments and TR4/5 in TR4/5 environments, but I think mixing assets across games is part of the fun here. Just keep it visually coherent, adjust object and texture colors, etc.

bigfoot 03-07-19 11:28

For me I have started an underwater level with a mix of coastal and cleopal wads & textures in a sunken egyptian or greek city. I have always liked various sunken city like Thonis Heracleion in Egypt or Helike in Greece :) . You can class my level by "underwater" if you want.

sampiza 03-07-19 12:04


Originally Posted by Baslakor (Post 8106323)
That surely narrows it down. :vlol:

Lol, i mean specifically Karnak theme levels. :D

LOTRKingluis 03-07-19 14:41

Ok ive decided, yes Im in!

TR5 Chronicles Rome level

"All Roads Lead To Rome"

dishmush 03-07-19 16:00

I'm in!

TR5 Ireland :D I will have to figure out the theme and story once I finish with my base level.

Teone 03-07-19 16:40


Originally Posted by dishmush (Post 8106500)
TR5 Ireland :D I will have to figure out the theme and story once I finish with my base level.

Oooh good! I was hoping someone would choose this theme. In the previous competition the game by Mordyga was one of my favourites. I love the creepy black isle :eek:

Tombraider95 03-07-19 17:24

If it was a 20x20x20 or One Room Challenge, I probably would have entered, but I don't have enough time to build another level at the moment :cry: Maybe next time! Looking forward to seeing what people build though!

dcw123 03-07-19 18:24

OK so my original idea fell through, I suck at building open areas..
So I'm gonna make something simplier - something with mainly interior areas

Don't really feel like TR4 levels are 'classic' but I'm going for a Lost Library themed level - no exteriors so should be easier for someone like me LOL
I liked a lot of the beta stuff, so might do something along those lines.

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