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Tomb Raider 5194 31-03-07 22:23


Originally Posted by Yuna´s Wish (Post 1690847)
Besides, his connection towards Yuna and the fact implying him as a dream and not a full fledged human makes him one of the most interesting characters (IMO, of course):D

True, and I also like how he becomes changing to more mature during the course of the game.

MiCkiZ88 31-03-07 22:23

Oi.. no bashing tidus! :( I luv that guy
So what if he's a whiner :p

Meh.. Doesn't beat Cloud or Squal.

About the love story.. I really wish that FFXII would've had a stronger storyline. Even if it meant adding a cliche storyline. But most of the FF love stories aren't that cliche. X has probs the most strongest and obvious one though..

Hyper_Crazy 31-03-07 22:24

When do I get the airship in XII, anyone?

Tomb Raider 5194 31-03-07 22:27


Originally Posted by Hyper_Crazy (Post 1690995)
When do I get the airship in XII, anyone?

You don´t actually use the airship (like FFX2) but I think you use it to travel when you are heading to Giruvegan.

Hyper_Crazy 31-03-07 22:28

But thats where I'm suppose to be going, don't you have to go through the

Tomb Raider 5194 31-03-07 22:29

Wait no I think you use it after passing through Feywood and Giruvegan.

After Reddas joins your party.

Lol sorry for mistake didnt remember well.

Hyper_Crazy 31-03-07 22:30

Cool, when you fight Cid, I thought you would get him there, thanks for the info. :)

Tomb Raider 5194 31-03-07 22:33

No problem. :wve:

I also thought the same lol, since he was there when you were going to fight with Cid.

Hyper_Crazy 31-03-07 22:34

I was like, yay I have help, but he just kind of disappeared during that battle.

Tomb Raider 5194 31-03-07 22:36

Lol, I too was like "Atleast in this battle I will have help from a guest." :vlol: but then after battle he appeared out of nowhere XD.

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