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trlestew 15-03-10 23:01

I was doing great untill the boss unexpectedly heaved lightning in the air and smacked her back to the ground with 0hp......

Minty Mouth 15-03-10 23:32

I didn't even realise that boss changed its element :vlol:

But yeah, I got it on my first try :whi:

trlestew 15-03-10 23:35

Are we talking about the right boss?

the one after Hope goes all "Operation Nora" revenge blah-blah....

larafan25 15-03-10 23:49

^that was a boss :O o.O???

Phys 16-03-10 00:04

Oh you mean the thing with the wings that spins round?

Carbonek_0051 16-03-10 00:09

He means Bulbasaur.:whi:

larafan25 16-03-10 00:10

Has anyone finished the game yet?

because I have a problem, A while ago I was like "OMG I am going to go watch the ending on youtube" but I managed to not do so...and now I am having weird memories of cutscenes that I haven't played by yet o.O

I think I have watched the ending before:p crap!

Flyin11 16-03-10 00:46

My biggest problem with the game is that I can't seem to find and get a whole lot of Gil. In games past it wasn't a issue, but this one, I can't find hardly any. Most I have had out of 11 Chapters is 1,500. Anyone have any tips on how to get a lot of Gil without selling things??

trXD 16-03-10 00:50

You have to sell things, thats the whole point. There are some components that are worth hardly any EXP, as in 10 or something, but will sell for a great amount of gil. Throwing away 1000 gil for 25 EXP is a no-no.

Flyin11 16-03-10 00:52

Ahh....I guess I'll have to try to see what I can do with some items that get dropped in battles now....Thanks....

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