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RAID 19-02-07 14:30


Originally Posted by Kiss-Bite (Post 1585917)
Only four days left now until I can get Final Fantasy 12!!!:jmp: :jmp: :jmp: I'm very excited!:D It has been years since a new FF game, not incl X2 & XI.

These last couple of weeks went by slower than the past 4 years :p I'm very excited myself :jmp:

Originally Posted by Yuna´s Wish (Post 1586246)
I killed Omega Weapon :jmp: It was a bit disappointing...FFVIII´s and FFIX´s most powerful monsters are not that powerful...Omega and Ozma are pathetic when I compare them with the Dark Aeons, Penance, or many of the XII´s final optional enemies.

Well done Alan. typical of an FF master such as yourself :tmb:

Yuna´s Wish 19-02-07 20:01


Originally Posted by RAID (Post 1587403)
Well done Alan. typical of an FF master such as yourself :tmb:

:yah: Thank you! But really, I was disappointed with Omega. I have a magazine that depicts it as the most powerful enemy in the series. When I saw Omega exploding in my PC screen I thought: "what the ****?? Is it over? that fast?". A Ruby Dragon is harder...:p

Psyched 19-02-07 20:38

Omega's tough for different reasons. Most other ultra-tough guys in the series require serious patience and levelling up, whereas Omega requires an efficient battle plan, a decent collection of items and speed.

Yuna´s Wish 19-02-07 22:05

You might be right Psyched...I was prepared. Doomtrain, Heros, 255 of Strength, Speed enhancers + Auto-Haste for Squall, 100 Death spells junctioned to each character...but still, it let me down. The magazine I have tells how to kill him and depicts it as strong, fast, fierce, impossible to kill the first 100 times...and it´s only strong.

TR FAN 18 20-02-07 07:34

I bought FF12 today. Got it for £20!! :jmp:

I CAN'T WAIT to play it! :D It's out now according to Play.com

Megalith 20-02-07 10:43

:jmp: At last!!!!:jmp:
First impressions later!;)

RAID 20-02-07 13:59

OMFG :yik:

I just logged on play.com and I saw that FF12 is in stock and that my order is being processed :yah:

I don't get one thing though. Why is there still the countdown on the page that says 3 days to go? :confused:

Hyper_Crazy 20-02-07 15:27

Finished Final Fantasy IX, I decided to cheat and get Beatrix, and that was all!

RAID 20-02-07 16:45


Received an e-mail from PLAY. My FF12 order has been posted. Hopefully I'll have it by Thursday :D

Yuna´s Wish 20-02-07 17:08

I´m happy for you, future and recent FFXII´s owners! :)
Will you create ANOTHER separate thread for FFXII (there are like 3 scattered in the forums), or will you use one of those, or will you use this one to discuss FFXII? :D

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