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MiCkiZ88 05-05-07 15:42

Ugh.. happens to my FFX disk aswell. Some fmv's dont play well and some areas don't load at all =/ Have you checked your disk if it has scratches or something? Mine has a huge scratch :(

Hyper_Crazy 05-05-07 15:44

Theres a few scratches. If only my PS1 still worked, I could skip the FMVs by opening the disk thingy thing, but it doesn't work with the PS2.

Yuna´s Wish 05-05-07 16:13

That always bothered me about FFs. I do the same with my FFIX (I play it on PS1, not on my PS2). FMVs should be skippable (a great innovation with FFXII)

MiCkiZ88 05-05-07 16:32

X is annoying if you'r not playing it for the story (for example playing second time around or dying before a save sphere and having to watch the same cutscene again, and again, and again).

Forwen 05-05-07 16:35

My pre-owned FFIX (in an old TRLR case, bought for almost nothing) was barely running until shortly before Fossil Roo it died on me completely. So, since finding a pre-owned FFIX borders on miracle here I had to settle for a brand new ridiculously overpriced last copy available (with a scratch on the front of the box) from the local shop. I had to sprint to grab it because the shop was about to close, but there was no way I'd spend another night with no FF... Yeah, thankfully that game's worth it.

Hyper_Crazy 05-05-07 23:09

Lol, I don't know how many times I've seen this FMV now lol, it just won't work.
Its the FMV of Lindblum being destroyed by Atomos.

Yuna´s Wish 05-05-07 23:12

Does any friend of yours have a PS1? You may take your memory and game, use it there, open the lay and skip the fmv

Hyper_Crazy 05-05-07 23:14

I don't think so, I could find my old, old PS1, and wherever that is, I don't know.

Yuna´s Wish 05-05-07 23:17

mmm...I see...yours is a very complex situation:p What if you go to a videogames shop and ask them to use a PS1 if they happen to have one:o

nightwishgirl84 06-05-07 19:38

ok i'm gonna give x and x-2 another go,to see if i like it now.
i'm going to give each game 8 hours of play to decide.
not really liking the random battles,but i guess i can live with it (or learn).
i've finished xii a while ago (except some marks/hunts and 1 or 2 espers) and i'm in need of something new-ish to try.
i wished i wasn't so hard to please game wise.
also ordered the xi 2007 online game (includes all expantions) and i get 30 days of free play online :)
i'm hoping it arrives soon,can't wait to try it out!!
can you guys and gals give some recommendations of non ff games??
i have a computer and a ps2,so any game reqs for these are welcome.

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