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XProger 17-11-16 14:28

dcw123, Unfortunately no, OpenLara will be more like classic engine (grid system etc.). You may look at OpenTomb project that uses complex physics engine with support of IK and complex meshes like in AOD.

dcw123 18-11-16 10:40

^ I see. No worries.

No offence, but I think the OpenTomb project doesn't look as complete as yours does. The way lara runs and turns looks awkward.. your video looks much more true to how the classics were.

Cochrane 18-11-16 15:18

Fascinating project! Out of curiosity, what does your build process look like? It's not in the Github repository, and I can't get the Mac version to build with Xcode for me. Not a major thing (just a few function names), but it's still odd. Edit to add: I've opened a pull request that works around the issue.

Also, why Carbon? It's been refused updates since 2007, and it's officially deprecated since 2012, so it seems like an odd choice.

Gamd1011 18-11-16 19:14

Amazing work! Very promising stuff! :jmp:
Seeing TR in 60fps is a dream come true!! :D


I found a bug that you might already know about, but I thought I'd share anyway:

It seems to happen when you time your jumps while Lara goes to perform the step-up animation.

XProger 18-11-16 19:30

Gamd1011, thanks for this video, I'll fix it in the next update

Cochrane 18-11-16 20:01

I've opened a pull request that changes the Mac code from Carbon to Cocoa. It's slightly more complex code, but I think it may be better in the long term (for example it's required for 64 bit). Plus, writing it was fun for me. :D

Gamd1011 18-11-16 22:29


Originally Posted by XProger (Post 7682764)
Gamd1011, thanks for this video, I'll fix it in the next update

No problem. :)

XProger 22-11-16 23:43

Web version is updated, fixed some bugs (and new has added ;). Primitive AI (is temporary) for bears and bats. Now Lara can die from multiple bites. Also you can use R & T keys for slow & fast motion (I need it for animation debugging).
And yet another gif with funny bug from the development process :D

Alex Fly 23-11-16 10:59

That's an epic gif, that's for sure. :vlol:

Titak 23-11-16 12:06

@ XProger:
As much as I like the gif (it's great! :vlol:), I'm going to have to ask you to remove it because it is exceeding our gif limits.
No bigger than 500kb.

So either edit it so it will be less than 500kb or turn it into a link that people can click on to see the gif.

**** EDIT ****
Thanks for editing! :tmb:

XProger 26-11-16 00:29

OpenLara first alpha release

For now you can try WebGL version, the archive for other platforms will be tomorrow.

Thanks OpenTomb guys for help, without you I would have spent a lot of time! Especially for Lwmte (collisions & triggers), Gh0stBlade (FloorInfo parser fix) and Cochrane (MacOS X VAO patch and maybe I'll overcome "oldschool" itself and use Cocoa in future ;).

update: windows, linux & macos builds

moodydog 26-11-16 08:43

Fantastic work! Very fun to play. I certainly love playing in 60 frames! :)

I must say it's weird having space bar for jump and alt for draw weapons. :p

Caesum 26-11-16 09:13

Wow, it looks absolutely playable now. I just cannot put stress enough on how fantastic this whole project is. Incredible!

I must also say that even though OpenTOMB is maybe more advanced, but your project feels more complete. If your work speed won't change you'll finish this entire project in no time! :yik:

I have a small question, are you making your engine compatible with TR1-only for the time being or you're already preparing it for later games as well?

Oh and about the modkit. Yes, we desperately need a good modkit. TRLE is amazing but also incredibly obsolete. If we could get the possibility to create levels for your engine, that would great!

Have you already been thinking about the menu/inventory screens? Are you going to put different menu for every type of TR game, or just one menu for all games? I guess everyone would love the old ring menu in TR4.

XProger 26-11-16 09:55


Controls are temporary, I'll change it to more original.

Yes, TR2-5 will be as next big steps after TR1. Modkit probably will but at the moment it's too early.
I also prefer the original menu ;)

Alex Fly 26-11-16 11:02

OMG fantastic ! :tmb:

vvsgh 26-11-16 15:47


Originally Posted by Caesum (Post 7685467)
I must also say that even though OpenTOMB is maybe more advanced, but your project feels more complete.

In fact, OpenTomb is more advanced and more complete at the moment. But many people don't recognize it because of OT's incoherence and because of its endless reiteration on same developments over and over again. And that's the consequences of its more complex code base and many mistakes made in the past.

XProger 29-11-16 00:44

Ugly in some cases, but working shadows 8)

Titak 29-11-16 11:36

Wow. :yik:

I want that for my custom levels...

LaraThaRaider 29-11-16 12:40


Originally Posted by XProger (Post 7686195)
Ugly in some cases, but working shadows 8)

WAT :eek:

LoreRaider 29-11-16 12:59

Oh wow :eek:

TR-Freak 29-11-16 17:48

I guess the shadows are fully dynamic and not prebaked:D

Impressive work. I like the camera movement. Even more than the original Camera movement.

SarahPilko 29-11-16 18:04

Oh wow, how come I have only just heard of this? Astonishing progress so far, I have no words!


Originally Posted by XProger (Post 7686195)
Ugly in some cases, but working shadows 8)

Oooh my God, this looks amazing! :jmp:

-Roli- 29-11-16 18:05


Originally Posted by XProger (Post 7686195)
Ugly in some cases, but working shadows 8)

O.o o.O holy moly!

SrDanielPonces 29-11-16 18:31

wait wat

VictorXD 29-11-16 19:37

uuuh I want it :cln:

Erikku 29-11-16 22:31


Originally Posted by Titak (Post 7686295)
Wow. :yik:

I want that for my custom levels...

This! :cln:
Looks amazing!

Alex Fly 30-11-16 11:22

Those shadows !!! :yik: :yik: :yik:

XProger 06-12-16 23:53

Currently I'm working on PSX levels support, it's almost completed except sounds. Thanks to Gh0stBlade and b122251 for help.
Shadows and lighting are still too ugly for public, sorry %)

Erikku 07-12-16 07:52

Wow so much progress in such a short time!
And those "ugly" shadows sure look gorgeous to me! :D

b122251 07-12-16 09:05

Good lord, buddy. This is amazing!
If you have any more questions about file formats, let me know. I'd happily help you again.
This is such an amazing project. I hope it succeeds.

jack9267_ 07-12-16 11:08

I love this

Alex Fly 07-12-16 14:55

It's not ugly to me, loving the progress ! :)

Gamd1011 07-12-16 16:46

Keep up the great work! Can't wait to see those shadows in motion! :cln:

XProger 15-12-16 23:34

New version with shadows is available. You can change shadow type (perspective from light source & static direct from "sun") by pressing Enter key. Currently it's just one soft shadow, I've plan to make multiple shadows when firing or when Lara cross rooms to tween between light sources. Perspective shadows is more coolest, but it have glitches because positioning of light sources is not intended for shadow casting. In original game light sources is more for nice lighting plays on models or for sight at special objects or zone. If this method will be chosen, I'll need to place my special light sources in every room at every level :(
Some of objects have incorrect lighting and I'm not sure whether it will work in all browsers... so please test it.
Whole lighting system will be improved in future, but for now I need to focus on gameplay code.

Current web version uses PSX level format, it reduces download size from 1.3 mb to 0.8 and have a cleaner sound :)

annl 15-12-16 23:48

I just tried this for the first time and well done! You are doing a fantastic job!

Moziila works fine, gorgeous shadow btw. Is there a problem with full screen mode though? When I activate it Lara keeps holstering and unholstering her weapons.

Also, are you planning a downloadable version?

XProger 16-12-16 00:00


Originally Posted by annl (Post 7692022)
Also, are you planning a downloadable version?

I have it on github :)

SrDanielPonces 16-12-16 00:26

any video/screenshot? :)

XProger 16-12-16 07:06


Originally Posted by SrDanielPonces (Post 7692034)
any video/screenshot? :)

Sorry, for what? Web version isn't enought? )

totec 16-12-16 07:26

Well, after the last update, the web version won't run on mobile. It's a pity.

VictorXD 16-12-16 07:29

Yeah I'd like some videos/screens too. The web version no longer works on my PC. Might be some bug but I don't think so, I think my specs are just awful lol.

I never thought I'd have laptop that can't run TR1 :vlol:

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