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andrewsyc 30-07-19 23:54

How about a web based level editor?! :)

I know you're busy as it is. Thx for all your work XProger!

Sarah7777 26-08-19 11:47

Now you can play TR4 Level in OpenLara

You must to refresh page, otherwise you will get error if you tried to load another TR4 Level.

Alex Fly 27-08-19 11:42

^ Cool! Thanks for posting! :tmb:

Craig Michaels 28-08-19 09:10


The water is so amazing in OpenLara. Looking forward to seeing TR2 - TR4 work better and better in the future :)

larafan25 28-08-19 09:14

omg those water reflections are gorgeous

charmedangelin 28-08-19 17:43

TR4 levels? Man this is so amazing :)

mind 02-09-19 23:45

Is is possible to play Unfinished Business in Open Lara with music?

Boobandie 03-09-19 07:29

*snip* Figured it out. :)

It's great to play TR4 levels, could a mode where Player 2 wears a different meshswap be set for TRLE levels? I'd love to get a feel for TRAE through this.

Tomb Raidering 03-09-19 08:22

Sorry for my lack of knowledge, but if TR4 levels are playable, are TR5 levels playable too? :cln:

DunHill 03-09-19 08:31


Originally Posted by Tomb Raidering (Post 8127741)
Sorry for my lack of knowledge, but if TR4 levels are playable, are TR5 levels playable too? :cln:

Nope, TR4 and TR5 do not use exactly the same level files, even though just a few things changed between the two games :o

Either way, TR4 levels are nowhere near playable in this state, and some TRLE files can't even be loaded. TR2 and 3 aren't really what you can call "playable" as well ^^

Kudos to xproger for the improvements and new features though :tmb:

XProger 20-09-19 17:09

Craig Michaels 02-10-19 20:30

XProger, I thought you might enjoy knowing that I used OpenLara as the launching point for my first lecture teaching Introduction to Archaeology at San Francisco State University.

I played through “Caves” on the projector, and had students talk about what Lara was doing wrong as a scientist (not recording her field methods, working by herself, not asking permission from locals or governments, shooting endangered species). I then used this to introduce archaeological theory. It was a hit, students seemed to really enjoy it!

Lokkey97 16-10-19 02:22

Hi everyone, I am currently trying to run Tomb Raider 2 through OpenLara on the Mac. I have all the files and the program runs smoothly but my problem is that there are just certain mechanics in the game that do not run such as climbable walls and zip lines and certain enemies (I can't really get past the first level sadly).

Has anyone had any luck with OpenLara on the Mac or is it just impossible.

Thank you in advance for any help you may give me!

Craig Michaels 16-10-19 03:00


Originally Posted by Lokkey97 (Post 8139989)
(I can't really get past the first level sadly).

The only way I can pass the first level as-is has been using the fly cheat to cross the chasm above the T-rexes. I gave up playing through after running into trouble playing in Venice. The water and shadows sure are beautiful though!

Joshorty 21-10-19 05:57

I'm so sorry to ask this but can someone please bring me up to speed? I mainly want to replay this game with better lighting and shadows. Is this something I can tinker with my PC files or is it currently only playable via web browser?

VictorXD 22-10-19 09:33

^ As far as I know it's 97% done and you can play the game from start to finish without having to resort to cheats.

Just download the necessary files and follow the instructions, it's pretty straightforward. IIRC you just gotta put the files for music and level from TR1 in the right folders.

annl 22-10-19 10:42

This is the current status as far as we know.
  • Currently the web browser allows support for TR1 to TR4 while the downloadable version allows TR1 to TR3.
  • The web version also has a resolution scale option.
  • The downloadable version hasn’t been updated since the 11 January.
  • You can play TR1 on both versions completely without cheats.

Very little has been done in 3 months (latest update was 7 days ago but nothing major).

Can we get an update on the current project status from XProger?

EliParker 03-11-19 23:58

Any plans to update OpenLara offline mode? As I rather played Tomb Raider on my computer instead of online.

Mr. Mr. 04-12-19 11:27

Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can help me. I'm having trouble getting Unfinished Business to work with the Mac port of OpenLara. I have the original files from the Gold CD but when I put them into Contents -> Resources and then try to start the application, it stays in the dock for less than a second and disappears.

I've tried numerous configurations of folder paths and they all have the same result. Strangely, I can get the original TR1 to work just fine (although I haven't yet figured out the proper file path and file names for the Redbook music files). And similarly, I was able to get TR2 and TR3's data files to work with OpenLara, although I can't pass level 1 of TR2 because there is no coding yet for Lara hanging from the zipline.

Is anyone willing to help me out with a list of the specific files I need and where they need to go in folders to get Unfinished Business to run? Thanks!

EDIT: Nevermind, I figured it out.

GRiannisRaider 01-01-20 13:03

Hey guys , can anyone tell me where to find the soundtracks from the game and how to make them work with openLara?
Thanks in advance! :)

XProger 03-01-20 00:16


Originally Posted by GRiannisRaider (Post 8162450)
Hey guys , can anyone tell me where to find the soundtracks from the game and how to make them work with openLara?
Thanks in advance! :)

You can use ogg's from android version

GRiannisRaider 03-01-20 00:36


Originally Posted by XProger (Post 8162765)
You can use ogg's from android version

Thanks for answering! But where can I find this version ? And what should I have to do to make the music work with openLara ?
Edit : Also what is the latest openLara verison?

XProger 06-01-20 05:05

Check out private messages, web version is always the latest, some other can be found on github releases page https://github.com/XProger/OpenLara/releases/tag/latest

XProger 06-01-20 05:05

ggctuk 06-01-20 19:04


dcw123 10-01-20 13:10

Hahaha omg hehe
Who in this day and age doesn't know who Lara Croft is though.. geez!

XProger 31-01-20 23:52

RG350 (GCW Zero) port

FairFriend 04-02-20 08:03

Runs really well on what looks like to be a relatively underpowered device. I really like the option of freely moving the camera with the right analog stick, as the cinematic angles that it allows for are very much in the spirit of TR original design documents.

Honestly, I wished more modern games had tank controls like TR, it would solve many camera problems of today's action titles, and it would free the right stick for things like this.

Phoebe_Croft 19-03-20 08:34

Waiting for an original Xbox port... that'd be the dream.

Nicklander 06-04-20 15:21

What are you working on at the moment?
What can we expect next?
TR4 levels are loading but all the gameplay mechanics are still lacking as I see it.

naddel81 08-04-20 06:52

Sorry for the silly question, but I completed TR1 on Openlara (Switch) with joy and only some minor bugs and wanted to know If TR2-4 are also as advanced in development.

Are tr2-4 completely playable?

legluondunet 16-04-20 04:12

I have the same question, what it the state of this project today?
Which Tomb Raider games are fully playable with OpenLara?

DunHill 16-04-20 07:44

^^ If I followed everything correctly, Tomb Raider 1 can be finished, with only a few minor bugs. The other episodes supported are not :)

Mr. Mr. 09-07-20 18:56


Originally Posted by DunHill (Post 8187755)
^^ If I followed everything correctly, Tomb Raider 1 can be finished, with only a few minor bugs. The other episodes supported are not :)

Yes, unfortunately due to the zipline not being implemented yet, the first level of Tomb Raider 2 is unbeatable unless you activate the "swim in mid air" cheat.

And in the second level, it is possible to finagle your way to the last area using various tricks- mid air swim, walking through glass, but it seems impossible to get through the timed doorway at the end- even if you activate the switch to open it, the mid air swim is too slow to make it there in time before it closes.

None of the level skip codes seem to work in OpenLara either.

ESCachuli 01-08-20 14:17

Maybe you've already answered this, but is it possible to play custom TR1 levels on OpenLara? I'm trying to play Nordic Adventure but it seems to be crashing all the time.

dj4g11e32 21-08-20 16:47

Building & Debugging OpenLara under Linux OS
Does anyone have any experience of building and debugging OpenLara under a Linux desktop environment? I've cloned the git repository and built from source for Linux with no problems but I'd love to be able to step through the code in an IDE.

The git source has project files for Visual Studio but as I'm only running Linux, I don't have that option. I've tried setting up a dev environment with Eclipse but I can't seem to get the LLVM/clang environment configured and I'm not sure how to translate the build.sh file into a makefile (if that's even needed).

If anyone has any helpful pointers or ideas to get me started it would really be appreciated!

Felipe 24-08-20 04:23

Any news of when customizable controls may arrive for mobiles? The button placement is ok, but I would love to change around the order of the buttons, use Dozy or freecam as well.
Also I'm up for providing proper Brazilian Portuguese translation if needed.

XProger 11-09-20 17:20

andrewsyc 11-09-20 23:34


Originally Posted by XProger (Post 8238391)

Very cool.

Before you know it this is going to become like doom where it has to run on every imaginable device.

Next, a Ti-83 Plus calculator. lol. :)

andrewsyc 11-09-20 23:46

The lead developer for the original Tomb Raider, Paul Douglas is on Twitter, for all those who care.


I know Xproger has interacted with him on there.

If you search his twitter and on another site you can find him answering questions you may have wanted to know but could only speculated at, very interesting indeed. The corner glitch, unused Atlantis T-Rex and fish, Lara's Braid, the Save Crystal.

Why would he be so vain to name the PC file extension .PHD? :D

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