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Alex Fly 09-01-19 10:59

Congrats on this achievement, XProger! Awesome work! :jmp:

Esppiral 10-01-19 16:43

Absolutely wonderful!

GFY2013 10-01-19 16:48

Wow this is insane!! :eek: Amazing!! :jmp:

Esppiral 14-01-19 20:47

Is there any difference in graphics if I use the Sega Saturn version over the psx or Android one?

I am currently using the assets from my Sega Saturn copy of the game.

XProger 20-01-19 21:00

Locking Winston in the Fridge

Lwmte 20-01-19 22:16

So after 20 years, urban legend about this kind of cheatcode became true :D

not again! 20-01-19 22:19

omg haha. That is so cute and evil at the same time.

Alex Fly 21-01-19 09:54


Originally Posted by XProger (Post 8032145)

OMG brilliant! :jmp:

NoahCrofRaider 21-01-19 13:54

Oh my word, thatís amazing! :jmp: I love it!

GFY2013 21-01-19 13:58


Originally Posted by XProger (Post 8032145)

Amazing :vlol: :jmp:

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