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XProger 03-01-20 00:16


Originally Posted by GRiannisRaider (Post 8162450)
Hey guys , can anyone tell me where to find the soundtracks from the game and how to make them work with openLara?
Thanks in advance! :)

You can use ogg's from android version

GRiannisRaider 03-01-20 00:36


Originally Posted by XProger (Post 8162765)
You can use ogg's from android version

Thanks for answering! But where can I find this version ? And what should I have to do to make the music work with openLara ?
Edit : Also what is the latest openLara verison?

XProger 06-01-20 05:05

Check out private messages, web version is always the latest, some other can be found on github releases page https://github.com/XProger/OpenLara/releases/tag/latest

XProger 06-01-20 05:05

ggctuk 06-01-20 19:04


dcw123 10-01-20 13:10

Hahaha omg hehe
Who in this day and age doesn't know who Lara Croft is though.. geez!

XProger 31-01-20 23:52

RG350 (GCW Zero) port

FairFriend 04-02-20 08:03

Runs really well on what looks like to be a relatively underpowered device. I really like the option of freely moving the camera with the right analog stick, as the cinematic angles that it allows for are very much in the spirit of TR original design documents.

Honestly, I wished more modern games had tank controls like TR, it would solve many camera problems of today's action titles, and it would free the right stick for things like this.

Phoebe_Croft 19-03-20 08:34

Waiting for an original Xbox port... that'd be the dream.

Nicklander 06-04-20 15:21

What are you working on at the moment?
What can we expect next?
TR4 levels are loading but all the gameplay mechanics are still lacking as I see it.

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