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andrewsyc 24-06-18 05:46

Here's some short stats on visits to the levels repo:

Hopefully people find OpenLara right after visiting that, ranks high on certain SEO terms for TR.


XProger 24-06-18 11:48


Originally Posted by andrewsyc (Post 7914055)
Wondering on popularity.


andrewsyc 24-06-18 16:55

Good stats, glad lots of people are enjoying the creation of your hard work!

Samz 24-06-18 17:07

I'm probably an idiot, but how do you go first person? I can't figure out how.
EDIT: Found out how, I loaded some TR2 and 3 levels to mess around in first so the help thing didn't pop up.

XProger 24-06-18 17:10


Originally Posted by Samz (Post 7914342)
I'm probably an idiot, but how do you go first person? I can't figure out how

Look + Action

EDIT: thanks I fixed tooltip showing

XProger 04-07-18 10:56

Some funny moments with latest bugs
https://clips.twitch.tv/PeacefulRockyCatKAPOW turbo skater
https://clips.twitch.tv/FaithfulSpikyMushroomNomNom boulder death
https://clips.twitch.tv/TardyKathishDotterelUWot centaur statue multi-spawn
https://clips.twitch.tv/BoldArtsyGarageBuddhaBar sliding death

Alex Fly 04-07-18 12:06

Lol there are some good ones there! :vlol:

XProger 16-07-18 01:40

Now you can play OpenLara in VR! (for android only)

from the latest news - added FMV support for both PC and PSX (dumped by jpsxdec) versions. All enemies AI are implemented except final boss - Natla, I'll finish this on the week 8)

VictorXD 16-07-18 04:42

Now that is awesome!!! :jmp: Thanks for this!

Does that mean that TR1 is "done"? Save for implementing the final boss AI, I don't recall any other feature that still needs to added from the original game.

Are you gonna start TR2 soon? Or focus first on the other ports of OpenLara?

annl 16-07-18 08:39

Also, when you have finished the AI can you release another offline version?

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