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LuigiEspadachin 31-05-19 06:08

So I went for a slightly trimmed single video. Part 3 is here!

No AoD stream this Sunday as Shenmue II will be played instead. AoD will return soon

LuigiEspadachin 25-06-19 17:08

After a bit of a hiatus AOD will be going back on the schedule for streaming. Sunday 14th July. Will be updating closer to the time with the start time.

LuigiEspadachin 14-07-19 09:25

Stream will be going live today at 1:00pm GMT. See you in two and a half hours if you can make it.


Edit: And we are live!


LuigiEspadachin 07-08-19 16:39

VOD of 14th July's stream of Angel of Darkness. The Hall of Sal-er, I mean the Hall of Seasons.

LuigiEspadachin 18-08-19 09:27

We're going to be streaming again with AOD, today at 15:30 GMT:

LuigiEspadachin 26-08-19 14:37

Angel of Darkness continues as we begin Lara's adventures in Prague. Starting now

LuigiEspadachin 28-08-19 21:48

The VOD of 18th August's Angel of Darkness stream is now up.

The VOD of 26th August's stream will follow suit in the coming days. It will need a tad bit more editing work than the minimum I usually do as the live broadcast was plagued with some technical issues. (Two of which were caused by the game, one by myself) In the meantime enjoy this little clip:


Also, I see maybe two or three more streams out of this before we finish the game. (Although I feel like the last stream will be a longer one as a finale). I don't know when it will appear on the schedule, but I'm thinking either Tomb Raider Chronicles or Tomb Raider Legend as the next TR game to stream.

LuigiEspadachin 05-09-19 21:33

Update relating AOD streams:

I've took a look at how many Angel of Darkness levels we have left and I want to make most of Prague a big weekend finale. Saturday 14th September and Sunday 15th September we'll be playing Angel of Darkness on stream.

Streams will be four hours long rather than the typical two to allow for this. Two streams over two days.

If by chance we end up finishing Angel of Darkness before end of the weekend, then we will have Tomb Raider Legend as a backup game.

Times are to be confirmed. As usual the VODs will be on YouTube if you can't make it, but I'd love it if people could. :)

(Incase you're wondering where it will start as the latest VOD hasn't uploaded yet: The weekend event will start from Bio Research Facility, where we left the last stream off)

LuigiEspadachin 10-09-19 21:36

26th August VOD is up:

Also, times confirmed for the finale weekend -

Saturday 14th September - 18:00 BST
Sunday 15th September - 15:00 BST

All times are GMT. The time now is 09:52.

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