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jon.jon 02-12-00 22:51

what do you reckon then? i am willing to bet there are far more blokes who play (and finish!) the game than women. why? i will admit...i have never before until coming to this forum known of a girl who played and finished a level let alone the complete game! please no comments about my sad social life!

^^Heff^^ 02-12-00 23:11

well, what you think about it, its almost obviosu. cos lets face it, its not just TombRaider. At the risk of sounding completely sexist, and the women who do frequent this place cant really comment, because if they werent the small %tage of women who liked to play the games then I doubt they would be here...

... but [breathes] women dont really play computer games. its a stereotypically male occupation and for a good reason, its mostly blokes doing it, like Car Mechanics. Ok, there are female car mechanics out there, but hey, lets face it, not many.

So, yeah, more blokes do play the game, and cos there are more blokes playing, there are more blokes finishing. But people like Stevie [KillCreek], a great Quake Deathmatch babe, do prove that women have a great future in gaming, and well, seeing as she goes around whupping Carmack at his own game...

..shes got a killer pair of legs too. life just isnt fair, male gamer outnumber women gamers, and most of us look bad. and then theres women gamers, who tend to be as good if not better at it, [or do we only get to hear about the good ones?] and they get to look sexy?

or is that just the geek in me talking?

bulldog_89801 06-12-00 02:37

oh im shoked their are tons of women gamers out their . i playd every level of tomb raider 4 and was hooked the whole time as a matter of fact my husband got cranky i played it so much. not only men love computer games women do as well. and i personaly love them

Jenna282 06-12-00 03:39

You go girl!!!!!!

jon.jon 06-12-00 11:39

at last provoked a reaction! do women feel jealous of the beautiful athletic lara? does that deter women players? every male that plays must have fallen for her...whats a womens excuse?

^^Heff^^ 06-12-00 14:22

well, at the risk of encurring major wrath, I never 'fell' for Lara. Shes a bloody stick. i like my women with a bit oif flesh on em, not "oh-my-god-the-tension-was-great, she-could-have-snapped-at-any-second" so as for the sex appeal, yeah i guess its there for some blokes, just not for me.

and hey, well. I never said there were'nt tons of female gamers out there. i never said that they were crap either, or just as if not more dedicated. but Jen, Bulldog, you do have to admit that there arnt as many female gamers as men, was the only point i was making.

as for what a womans excuse? well, seeing as two of the Mods and the Admin are female, i shall decline to comment in too great a depth and simply say that they must like the game, and that possibly some of it surrounds the attitude layed out by Jen : i.e. all that Girl-power stuff, and that perhaps a sizeable chunk of the appeal lies in there being a female heroine, and not some gun-toting butch braindead man. [which i get bloody sick of too][more recogniton of the skinny dweebs out there like me would be mucho appreciated...ta.]

perhaps not tho, i could be waaaay off base. Correct me?

^^Heff^^ 06-12-00 14:28

Ps. jon.jon. dood, at the risk of also incurring your wrath, why the double standards? I sincerely doubt that you play the tomb raider serioes just to look at pixellated ass, i mean, if you like the gmae for it simply being the game, what prevcents other men and women from doing the same thing?

just a thought...

jon.jon 06-12-00 14:36

just trying to provoke conversation...why not post a really dubious topic!? i never fell for her either..but the game play is the best of its class.

Jenna282 06-12-00 18:56

I dont think that women are jealous of Lara, she's an animated figure and any guy that would "fall" for her has way too much time on his hands and needs to get out more! LOL I think what draws women to this game is the fact that for once there is a stong, intelligent woman herione who doesnt take crap from anybody. I think the fact that women dont play as much as men is because there really isnt that much advertising of the TR series, in the states anyway. So there you go, a womans point of view!

jon.jon 06-12-00 20:47

oh boy heres one i wish i had never started. whatever you reply you are either sad or sexist. think i will just mosey back to tr3 and admire those lovely legs!!!

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