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Spyglass 09-04-20 03:24

Lara's DE face is so weird. I mean, why did they did that to her? She looks gorgeous in the original release.
And about the hard difficulty: I've played the whole game in hard since my first play and it was very frustating at the start, not difficult at all, just frustating that I died a lot of times (mostly because of Lara's movements being stuck).

Pendrak 13-04-20 15:27

Hi, I recorded behind the scenes of the first camp in this game

Chamayoo 09-05-20 13:32

First time I play the definitive edition, I'm currently at Chasm Monastery.

- The remaster works, it didn't age badly graphically. The cutscene still feel premature though, a bit robotic, and the water still looks subpar.
- Lara's model... She's more beautiful in-game than the original, but in cutscenes wooow did she know how to express feelings ? Or it is an hommage of the resting bitch face of Classic Lara ?
- I do not think anymore the level design is abysmal. It's quite good in hubs and Mountain Temples. The rest still is painfully on rails. So mixed feelings about that, I will just say it's inconsistent.
- The pace and men battles were alright in the first half of the game in my great surprise. I guess it's Shantytown and the rest of the game which ruined everything.
- The optional "tombs" still are so minimal ! It should totally be on the main path ! It wouldn't hurt those who don't like puzzles (they are so inoffensive) and would definitely improved the pace and variety of gameplay. A missed opportunity to have been even better receive critically.
- I'm not tired of action setpieces yet. Still a bit intrusive but they're short and varied. Not sure I will say the same when I will finish the game. Radio Tower still is boring but I don't really care anymore.
- Metroidvania gameplay was more present then I thought. The highlight of hubs. I don't understand why they tone down them each games later and instead increase the number of collectibles. It should be the other way !
- I still don't understand the decision to get rid of the survival aspects of the old Tomb Raider games in a game who pretend to be survival horror. In the results, it's maybe the less survival game of the entire franchise, with its lack of manual healing, underwater swimming and traps. The irony !
- I like when we follow every minute of Lara's journey with no time-out and certainly no ellipses ! I also appreciate that everything is connected despite to be mainly linear.
- Leave me alone, survival instinct !!
- The art style is nice and consistent, but pigeon poos everywhere still spoil everything. It's sad it almost ruined all the hard efforts of the artists behind the game.

It seems I'm more in peace with this game than before. It's really a good news, because now I can say I enjoyed all the games of the franchise, even if it's my least favourite one !

FanosCroft 11-05-20 22:57

was it ever ever explained why the DE version runs at 60fps on PS4 and at 30fps on Xbox One?

Kidd Bowyer 13-05-20 22:12


Originally Posted by FanosCroft (Post 8196154)
was it ever ever explained why the DE version runs at 60fps on PS4 and at 30fps on Xbox One?

I've recently heard that a lot of game devs are coding/optimizing their games for PS4 before they work on optimizing the XBOne versions. Supposedly, it's a "flip" of what happened last generation, where a lot of PS3 ports of multi-platform games would inexplicably be slower and buggier than the XBox360 versions. I'll try and find a source for that.

By the way, does anyone know if multiplayer still works? I completely ignored it when I first got the game, but I'm planning on re-playing the entire TR series, and I never got any of the multiplayer Steam achievements.

Comments online indicate the multiplayer's been pretty much dead since 2014, but if I tried to fire it up right now...would there be bots I could fight against, or would I just be waiting in the lobby forever?

RodneyMac12 19-05-20 06:43


Originally Posted by Pendrak (Post 8186698)
Hi, I recorded behind the scenes of the first camp in this game

Thank you so much for this! It's really interesting seeing the free camera version of my favorite game.

Pendrak 24-05-20 13:08

Hi! Another behind the scenes, this time from this fire ritual and the bloody river

Pillis 28-05-20 10:05

Replaying it now. Omg it was so bad. She just doesn't stop whining, whispering and making stupid annoying noises. The "levels" are a boring corridor with trees and leaves all around. Yes the game still looks pretty on ps4, especially CGI cutscenes but it does look too plasticky and shiny for a game going for photo realism. I think underworld looks better.

Also I remember the controls being better. Shadow did really improve a lot from this in terms of mechanics and design.

Omg I can't stand this game why am I even playing this again?

Blackmoor 28-05-20 10:34

The shooting mechanics are good in TR2013 though I think.

But yeah, I tried to replay this myself recently and I can't stand the self-chatter and characterisation of Lara. She is definitely 200x better in the following games.

I think anyway.

Pillis 28-05-20 12:22

Yes people who say she's the same in Shadow like seriously?? It's totally a different game. I had to turn this off, so bad, sloppy, easy corridors, mindless hunting poor animals and shooting baddies. No tombs, no ruins, no exploration, boring backtracking and a bunch of useless and boring cutscenes. Terrible game how it went on to become the biggest selling hit in the franchise is appalling. And I can't at how bad Lara looks, chubby, short with a big nose and chubby arms and ugly clothes. Also the gore and "horror" elements are so forced and cheap. So bad. I cringed when she starts shivering because of some wind. Like gurl. Angie drove a dog sled in Syberia with her bare feet and tits hangin out at -20, please ain't nobody got time for this cry baby.

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