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Woops 11-11-21 05:12

The tomb5 project
Hi everyone!
Today I am announcing a little project that I, along with ChocolateFan, have been working on for a while :) we call it the tomb5 project. (stylized in all lowercase)

In a few words, it is a decompilation project that, first and foremost aims to document and preserve the original source code and assets of the game, and secondly, aims to provide bug fixes and gameplay improvements in many sections of the game.

And yes, there already is a decompilation project in the works, but that project took a "from the ground up" approach, tomb5 instead utilizes a .dll file to inject decompiled code into the executable. Similar to Arsunt's TR2Main project.

We are fully open source, and our code can be used anywhere under the aforementioned license in the repository, along with credit :)

Full credits:
  • Troye (myself) - Main programming and decompilation effort, project leader.
  • ChocolateFan - Huge contributions to decompilation, fixes, and new features. A cornerstone of this project.
  • thatguyfrombb - Huge help on documentation, and additional decompilation.
  • Raildex - Additional fixes.
  • Arsunt - For all his work on TR2Main, and being an inspiration for this project. A huge portion of our project skeleton was inspired by TR2Main.
  • Gh0stblade - leader of the TOMB5 decompilation project, without his project, this one would not have gotten anywhere.
  • zdimension - For all his contributions to the TOMB5 project, especially on the PC branch. His code helped us crack down a lot of the PC specific code mysteries.

now with the formalities out of the way, here comes the fun part :D

  • re-enable a broken cutscene in Escape with the Iris.
  • Fix HK torso/head rotation
  • Multiple fixes to Lara gliding and hair jumps in the Rome cutscenes
  • Restore the full security breach cutscene, and the stealth cutscene audio, no external patches needed
  • Fix Lara's position when interacting with multiple objects (pushables, crowbar door, etc.)
  • Fix the bugged hand when throwing the torch in Ireland levels
  • Fix hair going through neck when crawling
  • Fix stiff hair when wading
  • Fix the floating her behind Lara's back
  • Fix camera when pulling out of water, and push/pulling blocks
  • Fix multiple lara hand deadlocks after certain actions, such as falling from tightrope
  • Fix Lara's flare hand while running, getting pickups, and airlock switches
  • Fix Lara wading in shallow water
  • Fix white mafia death animations
  • Fix the tip of the HK not being visible in the inventory
  • Fix the HK not being displayed correctly in Escape with the Iris
  • Fix HK appearing in combine list
  • Fix swipe card color in VCI levels
  • Fix flickering of trapdoors if they open into another room
  • Fix drawing of weapons on Lara's back
  • Fix Lara's nose texture
  • Fix problems with medipack hotkeys
  • Fix Lara's mesh color in water
  • Fix skies in all levels
  • Fix lighting

  • Draw moon and stars in Ireland levels
  • Add footprints
  • Add PSX-like shadow
  • Add duckroll
  • Add missing keypad sounds
  • remove multiple frame/animation number restrictions from Lara's moveset to enable more fluid movement, ex: pull ups, crawling.
  • Add proper FOV calculations from TR2Main (Thank you Arsunt!)
  • Add weapon hotkeys

(more detailed changelog will be available in the repository soon!)

And many more to come :) If you have any questions about any fixes/additions, feel free to ask.
And feel free to report any bugs you may find, or suggest new fixes/additions.
All feedback is appreciated :)

A few pictures!





and a couple screenshots from tomb5 to show new stuff :)

Footprints and fixed sky in The Base:

Red swipe card in VCI:
(it turns green when the card is swiped. In the original PC version, it was always green.)

PSX-like shadow:

Download is on the releases page on the repository, simply unzip into your TR5 folder :)
The package contains a slightly modified TR5 executable to allow injection of the dll, and the dll itself, where all the magic happens :)

lastly, I hope this project allows people to have a better experience, and enjoy their TR5 playthroughs!

Happy raiding!

TR-Freak 11-11-21 05:18

The love TRC deserves:D

Delca 11-11-21 05:48

This project sounds amazing! :hug:
I'm just impressed by your attention to details.
Well done!

Kubsy 11-11-21 06:48

Yay Woops I'm glad you released it :D

Caesum 11-11-21 07:40

Oh wow, the changes sound amazing! I wanted to replay TR5 so this is a perfect occasion!

PedroTheGamer 11-11-21 08:20

That's a good idea! I really liked you work together with chocolatefan dude, so it we can do level editors on TRC but with less bugs this time? :D

LateRaider 11-11-21 08:28

this is EXCELLENT!! are you guys going to look into ways of fixing the glitches in "Red Alert!"?

klona 11-11-21 08:38

Amazing WOOPS! :jmp:

Boobandie 11-11-21 09:01

Absolutely fantastic work! I guess it's time to replay Chronicles.

My only suggestion would be to make the moon smaller, as it's several times larger than how it appears in our sky. Although Bruce Almighty moons are in most videogames, so it really isn't a problem.

Kirishima 11-11-21 09:37

Did a quick test. The elbows joints finally appear to not be rendering oddly at extreme angles anymore. A quick run of the 13th floor to test for some other issues and ended up finding one I don't remember occuring on the vanilla exe. The track of the laser trap in the corridor leading to the room with the level's first secret appears to have been shortened to just the 2 squares next to the crawlspace that leads to the room. I'm not sure if it's the patch's doing or something else.

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