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Weemanply109 18-05-12 19:23

^Oh. LaraStan is late for the 2nd time.

.:Tirivol:. 18-05-12 19:23

The screenshot with the deer :jmp: look at the light!


Pietras 18-05-12 19:24

[QUOTE=Weemanply109;6174716]^Oh. LaraStan is late for the 2nd time.[/QUOTE]

Gurl is rusty ;P

Love2Raid 18-05-12 19:26


OMG she's totally recording herself, v-log! <3[/QUOTE]
Oh no. </3
[QUOTE=.:Tirivol:.;6174722]The screenshot with the deer :jmp: look at the light!

Waaaait, if that one is a ('pimped') screenshot (we have seen it, right), then the other ones could be as well... [IMG][/IMG]

Weemanply109 18-05-12 19:26

[QUOTE=Pietras;6174730]Gurl is rusty ;P[/QUOTE]

He needs to step up his game. [IMG][/IMG]

NRO. 18-05-12 19:27

[QUOTE=NRO.;6174728]Tried to get rid of the noise, added more colors.



Will attempt the Bambi one next. BTW, is anyone else having this weird problem with Photobucket, that it goes lightning speed to 94, then it takes ten minutes to 100%? ._.[/QUOTE]

Hqing the pics in the other thread. Not much I can do with such low res. xD

Gamd1011 18-05-12 19:29

It looks like it's concept art if you look at the pagoda's, but also looks like a screenshot because of Lara's model.

Love2Raid 18-05-12 19:30

Thanks. After your edits, it definitely looks like a painting to me.

NRO. 18-05-12 19:30

It looks like a painting because of Photoshop, I think. Details get lost during resizing.

larafan25 18-05-12 19:31

I think the deer and plane shots are screenshots, and the sitting and burning shots are paintings.

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