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Lukass 10-05-12 15:07

[QUOTE=lcroft_lc;6160592]Tomb Raider still can be released on October 9 alongside Dishonored and made that game name literally dishonored. :p[/QUOTE]


Phlip 10-05-12 15:11

[QUOTE=larafan25;6160541]IDGAF about soon, May 31st is the date. B thare oar b skware. :COOL:[/QUOTE]

Therefore, soon.

klona 10-05-12 16:19

[QUOTE=slavo120;6160572]october 9 is occupied......yop, october 16 seems legit

Oct 2 - Resident Evil 6
Oct 9 - [B]Dishonored[/B]
Oct 15 - ????????????Tomb Raider:cln:
Oct 23 - Medal of Honor: Warfighter
Oct 30 - Assassin's Creed 3
Nov 6 - Halo 4
Nov 13 - Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
Nov 20 - Hitman: Absolution[/QUOTE]

Would be better that way. [COLOR="White"]mybirthday[/COLOR] :p

Pietras 10-05-12 16:42

Not gonna be surprised anymore if TReboot is delayed to 2013.

klona 10-05-12 17:28

[QUOTE=Pietras;6160749]Not gonna be surprised anymore if TReboot is delayed to 2013.[/QUOTE]

They're on schedule, aren't they?

Pietras 10-05-12 17:40

They're on schedule, aren't they?[/QUOTE]
Well are they? I'm not so sure. This 1 year break in any news is just :confused: We will know by E3 I guess

The1andOnlyTR 10-05-12 17:44

It's weird that I only care about waiting when it's right around the corner. I can't stand it. D:

Rai 10-05-12 18:00

Why would they push back magazine articles? Presuming they do reveal something new, why does it matter if it's revealed this or next month? Magazine articles aren't in line with game development are they? I mean if there are new screens with updated graphics (beta?) then it wouldn't make a difference would it?

The delay in news makes me worried.

Sir Croft 10-05-12 18:06

They reached alpha in January, I can't see why they would delay it.

Mikky 10-05-12 18:10

[QUOTE=Sir Croft;6160894][B]They reached alpha in January[/B], I can't see why they would delay it.[/QUOTE]

Yes, exactly. A lot of people seem to be forgetting that.

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