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larafan25 12-07-16 01:55

yaaaas Meagan. oh my God. There are so many.

Boobandie 12-07-16 02:07

Anyone else feel like this is the Golem described in the Castle documents?

It does feature a massive water filled cave leading to a big locked door. Could be the final ritual chamber.


Shuffled around for the ad ofcourse. The golem appears earlier in the level, and the water chamber doesn't lead to the strahov library. But could be something they used.

CheshireBitch 12-07-16 09:53


Originally Posted by tlr online (Post 7612973)
294 pieces of Angel of Darkness development artwork published on Tomb Raider Chronicles. Meagan Marie manually scanned these because she is an absolute superstar.


Is it possible to get a zip file with all of them to download please ? :)

I wish so much we could have something like this for TR1/2/3/4/5 !

SamCactus101 24-07-16 14:20

The concept arts are so boss!!!

Good work! :titaklikestocreate:

red_lion 22-08-16 16:34

It is fantastic so such material

charmedangelin 20-07-17 07:47

Oh my god, the whole photobucket mess just ruined this wonderful thread. :cry::cry::cry:

Enigma92 20-07-17 09:26

Ugh! Every time I see concept art for Germany or Turkey I start to binge on cake in despair.

Does anyone fancy stealing the license from Crystal and threatening ex-Core to launch a Kickstarter for a complete remake? Only joking of course! No but really, I'll go get the wire cutters...

Jorje Croft 26-07-17 01:20

coming back to the AOD threads hurt so much. This game is so underrated and it's world doesn't have any limits. hope one day before I'm alive, world will be back to AOD and somebody will remade decent remake of it with original atmosphere and materials. I still believe that somebody on earth still have beta version of it.

annacroft 29-04-18 20:20

These are so inspiring, they had so many ideas and so little time to execute them...Core deserved so much better:(

Brendanlovesu1 08-05-18 20:52


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