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danitiwa 20-11-07 04:47

Wow. O_o

aussie500 20-11-07 06:15

True it could have been a lot darker, much of the concept art shows this, although none of the original art we saw released with chronicles in 2000 was going to be in the game, the 3D work was from the German levels which were dropped very early in development, and the concepts seemed to be more about Lara's state of mind than the actual game. We were told somewhere that they were just idea's they where thinking about. Probably just as well.









A few more from first from Castle Kriegler, we never found out where the warehouse type one was. We also were given the Eckhardt confinement concept from Castle Kriegler which has already been posted



They gave us a few shots of the 2000 version of Lara


And these two very interesting character concepts, the first and earlier one showing two of the demonic nephilim cabal members. A slightly more sexed up Lara, wearing the strange armband and what is possibly the beetle amulet around her neck. And the early Kurtis with his all seeing eye type tattoo


The second shows the start of the diluting of the original concept, the more normal (less demonic) cabal members, and this was even before Chronicles was released. Although Boaz did end up looking better than she does in the version below, she never looked as interesting as her earlier darker self.


Probably before Chronicles was released the game was cut in half, when someone who actually had more experience at making Tomb Raider games finally had a chance to look at the project and decide they were just not going to have the time to do Paris, Germany, Turkey and Prague, so they chopped the middle out and kept the beginning and end, perhaps adding Karel so that they could continue the story without Eckhardt.

Little-Lara 20-11-07 07:22

Goodness, there are soo many additional ideas and characters here. :eek: :(

Its too sad, and impossible to comprehend just what the extent of this game would have been.

is it possible for an amateur company to continue AOD including everything here and more?

aussie500 20-11-07 07:57

It is only possible as a fan project, you cannot commercially use any of the characters or materials from AOD. There are several fan groups remaking AOD or doing continuations. Of course if Eidos with permission from Jeremy Heath-Smith were to actually release a level editor for AOD it would make it easier.

Zelda master 20-11-07 08:24

Im working with a team on a AOD continuation :)
Most of the stuff of TRAE will beremade aswell as everything that was released from germany:)
The castle is already being worked on by me...

NightWish 20-11-07 08:58

I had never seen those before! They look familiar though. Is this the old house in the next gen trailer with teh weird-looking lara?

rowanlim 20-11-07 11:52

awwwwwwwwwwwww man...how come the game didnt make it?? it looks incredible... :(

damn you, eidos....damn youuuuu....:hea:

aussie500 20-11-07 11:53


Originally Posted by NightWish (Post 2265945)
I had never seen those before! They look familiar though. Is this the old house in the next gen trailer with teh weird-looking lara?

l do not recall seeing any old house in the next gen trailer, but l might be wrong, it only had the museum, Paris streets and bridge and the warehouse which was all concrete and steel, this one seems an older place ready for demolition. All the ones in the same post as that one were on the Tomb Raider Chronicles disc, which might be why it looks familiar.

NightWish 20-11-07 13:06

Well teh place Im thinking of is the place where those handcuffs were hanging. and I think lara cloroformed a guy there.. or was it somewhere else.Just there was this moment where she runs in the small alleys in paris and she hides in a buildeing. for some reason thiese screens remind me of that building. dont know...

can anyone post a link to that trailer?

aussie500 20-11-07 13:16

Lara sprayed something at the guard in the louvre, the handcuffs were in a completely different location :confused:

Sorry l do not have a link to the video, although l am sure it would be on youtube somewhere. l can provide screenshots, if that would help. We never saw Lara hiding in any buildings in the trailer, you might be thinking of the start of the game itself where Lara runs into a building.



This is not the museum, it is only a large single story warehouse, it could not be the building in the concept art.


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