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CheshireBitch 14-10-23 19:42

TheIndra5 posted on her twitter that she founds 3 new outfits inside the game files (Japan from TRL, Nevada and Doopleganger from underworld) and she also said that the level file for the first egypt level is already inside the app ! So I guess the next big update is about to happen, she said nothing about voices but we can hope it will finally be added !

GrisGris 21-10-23 17:00

Hi all - Just found this forum but not new to the game. I've been playing since pre-Netflix (though I did switch to it and gave up on the other version when it lost my data...grrr). Long enough that I am one bullet away from an all-legendary setup.

I've often wondered how many people are actually playing this game and I'm not optimistic about ongoing development given the slow update history thus far, and the latest comments in this thread. Bummer, because this is the only game of this type to hold my attention this long.

Does anyone know whether the gym outfit description is bugged, or the outfit itself is bugged? I assume this is true for everyone, but the description shows a 0% attack up benefit with max 0 stacks (??).

CheshireBitch 26-10-23 15:49

I think the outfit is bugged but they should fix it whith the next update.
Considering how the outfit was offered I think it was rushed !

GrisGris 26-10-23 17:26


Originally Posted by CheshireBitch (Post 8419711)
I think the outfit is bugged but they should fix it whith the next update.
Considering how the outfit was offered I think it was rushed !

Yes, you're probably right (about the bug, not sure about the next update since it wasn't fixed on a couple prior - really quite amazing). I don't see that blue flash sort of effect that occurs with other "take no damage" based buffs.

charmedangelin 07-11-23 23:58

Devs don't appear to be in the discord anymore.

CheshireBitch 10-11-23 10:46

Does that mean no one is working on the game right now ?

I swear this total lack of communication is so irritating. You don’t know if you’re supposed to wait for more or if they totally stopped working on it…

That person on twitter that frequently open the app discovered that the egypt level was in the game files along with more new outfits so I had hope but if everyone left the building all of this might stay buried in the files for ever…

UroshUchiha 10-11-23 11:03

I just glanced at the Discord server and currently it says two people with the role "Dev" are online. codeStrider and WarriorPig.

I am not sure if they are the actual devs or not though but I would assume so since this is the official server.

Mikky 10-11-23 15:51

It's time for this game to die. Even if they release a new level tomorrow, then what? You spend a hour or so completing and it's back to not touching the game for another 6 months. They can't seriously expect these little coin collecting events to actually keep people interested in between these long waiting times.

I don't know what's going on, if they don't have the resources or whatever, but it's time to let it go.

Kleva Sole 22-11-23 07:33

Cheating in banner brawl
I hope the developers do something about the cheating in this cycles banner brawl. There are several players in trailblazer scoring over 100k in a single run. If a skillful run in 1000 to 1500 zone points with a minimum of 16-18 levels, how many levels does it take to score 100k. Not to mention the same players are having normal runs the rest of the time. Noticed it yesterday when the player_3077 was in third place with about 37k and I had passed them and was in second with about 48k. Did one run and looked at the leader board and they were suddenly over 130k. Did a few normal runs to get to 131k after that. Woke up the next day and the second and first players had 312k and 276k overnight each. The second place player, neontrail came in first place last time with 100k but just always seemed to score just enough to stay in first place as to not arouse suspicion. Now it's obvious that cheating is being done because player_3077 went overboard and neontrail had to try to keep up. I have 90k at the moment in third place. Came in third last time but now it's obvious the cheaters are trying to ruin the game early for the rest of the players. KICK THEM OUT!!!

Ring_of_Fire 27-11-23 13:28

A spinoff game to get things started for the next Tomb Raider game.

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