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Tomb Raidering 23-11-20 16:38

I noticed the Scion and the Lara Croft GO-esque spiders, I wonder if this is the rumored reimagining.

Chamayoo 23-11-20 16:39

OMG it looks so gooooood

tomblover 23-11-20 16:40

Interesting! So it's another TR1 remake, but for mobile platforms?

I hate Lara's design, but I love the art style, so... :vlol:

Mikky 23-11-20 16:40

I saw this pop up on my Instagram and my heart jumped but then I saw "mobile" and it immediately sank. Guuuuuurl, why you gotta play with my heart like that? I thought Square were over mobile games.

Can it at least come for the Switch too?

So we are getting a reimagining of TR1, just not in the way anyone hoped 💀

charmedangelin 23-11-20 16:41

I love how they feature the duals in the trailer. Finally Tomb Raider is alive again.

2021 is gonna be a massive year for Tomb Raider.

Vaskito 23-11-20 16:41

Also, if mods could fix the thread title, I'd be glad <3

TRhalloween 23-11-20 16:41

Trust them to steal the attention away from my leak...

I like the art style.

Tomb Raidering 23-11-20 16:42

The art style looks so good, just like GO but more detailed.

laracroftswest 23-11-20 16:43

This could be really interesting, and I definitely think this is just the start of a 2021 celebration. Clearly they're doing more than we know of since this wasn't even rumored.

Chamayoo 23-11-20 16:44


Originally Posted by TRhalloween (Post 8254740)
Trust them to steal the attention away from my leak...

I like the art style.

Excellent finally something substantial to talk !

So Square Enix London as a mobile team. Don't forget Lara Croft Go 2, just saying. :innocent:
But I'm for Reloaded for the moment !

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