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Mickybyrne20 19-03-18 17:02

What the hell?! It turns green when you choose the right piece. That's way too easy. I was searching for ages trying to match them up, only to realise it turns green when the right one is selected.

Athukraz 19-03-18 17:04

5% in an hour UGH watch it be some useless information when it gets to 100%

2001LC20 19-03-18 17:05

It's %5 now!!!!

It's actually easier than i thought :)

Edit:I made it again for the 4th time i'll do one more

Athukraz 19-03-18 17:06

Hope there's people outside TRF that are doing it as well I mean they gotta be doing it

johnanonymouz 19-03-18 17:07

i can't believe i want shadow info so bad to get through this! WE CAN DO THIS!

Athukraz 19-03-18 17:08


Originally Posted by johnanonymouz (Post 7838828)
i can't believe i want shadow info so bad to get through this! WE CAN DO THIS!

Imagine it's information we already know :mad:

just*raidin*tomb 19-03-18 17:08

I would be LIVID


That's 250+ times the puzzle has been solved.

GRiannisRaider 19-03-18 17:08

6% Guys ! We can do this :p

Moosey 19-03-18 17:08

I have the right one on the top row, but for the middle and bottom row i went through EVERY single one and none of them turned green. I have no idea wtf i'm doing wrong

2001LC20 19-03-18 17:09

5th time it's actually fun 5 more then i am done with it:)

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