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Mr. Mr. 28-07-21 02:45

Legend is my favorite TR game next to the first Eidos one. It's decidedly different than the rest of the series to that point, but in a way that was a good thing, because it shook up the status quo. Yet it still felt like a Tomb Raider game.

I didn't even mind Alister and Zip, because Lara's snarky personality shined when they chimed in.

I also didn't mind that it was significantly shorter than most of the series to that point- the way I figure, it didn't overstay its welcome (hello, TR4) and gave a great experience while it lasted.

The puzzles were actually enjoyable, and a big part of it is they were relegated to one room; you didn't have to do pointless, long backtracking like most of the Eidos games.

The unlockable outfits gave an incentive to collect all the secrets, unlike the Eidos games where the secrets were more bragging rights than anything else.

Only level I'm not crazy about is Kazakhstan, but even that's not THAT bad. It's certainly no Lud's Gate.

DOPE 28-07-21 11:10

I definitely have a love/hate relationship with this game so letís see..


the best writing Crystal ever did
lighthearted and adventurous
voice acting for every character
level design, without a doubt Crystalís best
Laraís movement and acrobatics are great
I love playing through Tokyo, Ghana and London
puzzles are fun although too linear


way too scripted most of the time
boss fights are mostly annoying
platforming wasnít challenging enough
should have been a standalone story
whoever thought those bike sections were fun to play.. I wanna talk
story would have been perfectly fine without pouring mommy drama into it

Blackmoor 28-07-21 13:44


-Time travel concept
-Idea of a world-wide mythology speaking of a lost ancient society
-King Arthur and dragons
-Some emotional elements (when Lara finds her mother's brooch and holds it in her hand, I felt teary. I felt a real sense of loss)
-Alistair and Zip (It's 50:50. As characters I don't mind them but some of their implementation is cheesy and intrusive into gameplay)
-Some of the dialogue is good
-"Make sense right this second or I swear I'll execute you where you stand..."
-Lara is very pretty
-Keely is a genuinely good voice actress
-The overall story is intriguing enough to carry the game
-Soundtrack (the theme song played at the title screen is one of my favourites for TR, and the whole soundtrack is pleasant and appropriate for TR)


-Cliffhanger ending - just as I felt the game got going, it finished. The cliffhanger was the wrong kind of cliffhanger and it came too early.
-The game is too short
-The butler as Lara's father figure (It felt a bit cringey to me and he looked like Blake Carrington from the old TV series, Dynasty, rather than an actual butler)
-Amanda goth vibes. I'm just not into that.
-Some of the dialogue is cheesy to me.
-Gameplay is too easy and I don't like the prescriptive way of defeating the bosses (shoot the bell to attract the serpent, grapple the lever, etc, etc)
-The shooting on bikes segments :rolleyes:
-Japan segment
-Simplistic and predictable level design. To me this was the start of lack of surprise and awe in the level design which I always felt the originals had.

Overall, it's a fun, cartoony game. I think the story is where it shines most as the mystery is genuinely interesting. And I like some of the characterisations of the characters too.

Frceghst8 29-07-21 18:33

Hmm, Lara doesn't need mommy/ daddy issues since in the original story Lara was disowned by her parents. The ending needed to resolved better. I'll comment more if This post gets a response.

Heckler 02-08-21 01:39

What I liked:
The new gameplay direction. Getting rid of tank controls and grid jumps was much needed for TR. Also loved how diverse and beautiful the levels were.

What I disliked:
The overall lighthearted/immature tone of the game. It was just too put on at times. The trailers looked badass and serious but the game almost felt like a children's game and collecting hidden relics/beating timetrials to play Barbie dress-up didn't really help the game to take itself seriously.

Frceghst8 10-08-21 20:31

I definitely liked the locations, I liked the new targeting features, I absolutely liked wielding Excalibur. Call me a geek if you like. :ton:

JAMJOOM 17-08-21 01:23

love this
One of the best games
But it was technically neglected
And the NG version of it looks very ugly :confused:

Frceghst8 17-08-21 13:05

Odd, it didn't seem technically neglected to me. :ponder:
Could someone perhaps leave a post or two in the "has anyone unlocked Soul Reaver thread?" It is sadly neglected. :(

gr00tcake 17-08-21 19:31

My only complaint is that it's way too short. Other than that, it's one of my favourites in the series, probably even THE favourite

Greenapple968 17-08-21 20:47


Originally Posted by gr00tcake (Post 8315954)
My only complaint is that it's way too short. Other than that, it's one of my favourites in the series, probably even THE favourite

I was glad when I reached the end of Legend; I didn't enjoy playing the game. :p

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