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Drone 25-07-14 15:52

That's so tragic, there were so many bug threads where rr_carroll got the last word and everything became clear, it's never gonna be the same

R.I.P. :(

Johnnay 28-07-14 06:25

i actually thought he passed away on the same time the thread title was created.

But im a bit late in saying this but RIP again... 1 Year on, We will miss you here Dude....

Peterstar101 28-07-14 07:55

One year has passed, since your passing but our fond memories of you will not.


Greenapple968 14-08-14 11:57

I'm not sure if this is a delayed reaction kicking in but I have been thinking about Richard a lot more lately and it really is getting me down. :(
Just thinking about his expertise, knowledge, contributions, commitment, passion, personality, everything that made him who he was and our Community really is missing somebody of high significance.
I could always depend on him to explain bugs/glitches/situations/problems and give me reassurance on my playthroughs/Discoveries.
Having been without him for over a year, I truly have realised how significant he was and how this place really is missing somebody special; I've realised how much of a motivator and inspirer he was. Receiving feedback from him was always so rewarding and knowing it's never going to happen again is just devastating. :(

Just writing this has actually brought a sharpness to my throat and dampness to my eyes.

I wish somebody could tell me that this is all one big joke. :(

Patrick Shannon 26-08-14 16:34

Well-said, Greenapple... I sometimes re-visit rr's old threads on these forums, and they always produce a sense of wonder, affection, and nostalgia. :o

Galactica 09-01-15 00:48

I don't really log on this fourm very much and i just only found out. *Sign*

Rest in peace rrcarol

I learnt alot of things from him. Sad to see this happened.

Patrick Shannon 11-07-15 15:36

And now, it's been two years since our bug scientist took that ultimate corner bug up into the sky.

Remembering you fondly, Richard... thinking of all those great adventures and discoveries you shared with us, while exploring Lara's world... :hug:

Alex Fly 11-07-15 16:41

We'll never forget you, rr_carroll ! :hug:

Patrick Shannon 11-07-16 15:29

Three years gone from us, but not forgotten... :hug:


Greenapple968 11-07-16 16:00

Goodness, 3 years since the passing of RRCarroll and I think it's almost 2 years since the passing of Spong. :(

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