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tomee 09-08-13 10:47

Oh no! This is horrible. :(
I hope at least he didn't suffer. Rest in peace Richard.
My deepest condolences Devon.

Have you contacted tombrunner.net? He was an important person there. I think they should know this too.

klona 09-08-13 11:08

My condolences



Raider99 09-08-13 12:16

Aww, that is really sad. :(
I didn't know him much on TRF, but seemed like nice person.

My condolences to you Devon. :hug:
Rest in peace rr_carrol. :hug:

Orionvalentine 09-08-13 13:04

Rest in peace Richard :hug:

tomekkobialka 09-08-13 14:43

He was one of the most insightful, kind and enthusiastic members of this forum. Truly the definition of a "bug scientist".

R.I.P. Richard. :( You will be deeply missed by everyone in the TR community.

BlueJ97 09-08-13 14:47

I just saw Spong's signature :(

I'm sorry to hear this. My deepest condolences to you and your family :(

He helped a lot of people. He will surely be missed, I will miss seeing his posts and threads too :(

Rest in Peace :(

hayden 09-08-13 16:22

Rest in peace, Richard :(

Ceamonks890 09-08-13 21:21

R.I.P Richard Carroll. You will be dearly missed:(

Blackmoor 10-08-13 09:06

I feel so sad about this. There are some people on this forum who you just expect to always be there, doing their thing and being a source of support for others. They're part of the backbone of the forum - rr_carroll was one of those people.

I can't believe he won't be back. :(

RIP rr. :hug: My sincere condolences, Devon.

Alex Fly 10-08-13 15:02

I'm so sad to discover our great Bug Scientist is gone forever. :(

I'll never forget you, Richard. You seemed to be a very friendly person and your threads were always a pleasure to read.
Rest in peace, you'll be truly missed. :hug:

My deepest condolences to his family...

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