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Patrick Shannon 17-08-13 17:42


Originally Posted by ryan91 (Post 6882282)
i have a question. was he the original founder of the crawl corner bug and jump corner bug?

No, ryan91, actually he did not discover these bugs. They were discovered "ages ago," shortly after the games started to gain popularity. The jump corner bug is credited to Jason McAllister, and the crawl corner bug is credited to Stiletto.


But Richard took these bugs, and painstakingly explored the classics to see where they could be used. It took him years to do it.


He was also heavily involved with the speedrunning community, helping them exploit the various bugs to accomplish incredible glitched speedruns.


ryan91 18-08-13 10:09

thank you for your answers Patrick Shannon :). may he rip.

jarekhanzelka 18-08-13 10:53

Tragic news. Richard played a large role in how my relationship to the Tomb Raider series developed, and therefore also was one of the many reasons I ended up joining this forum. And therefore, he actually played a large role in how my growing up shaped up and I can safely say my life wouldn't be the same wasn't it for him and his incredible work. It's only sad things like this are usually only realised in the worst scenarios.

Devon, to you and your family, please accept my condolences. And Richard, wherever you are, thank you. Thank you so very much.

young Lara Croft 19-08-13 11:57

Rest in Peace , Bug Scientist! :(

manarch2 19-08-13 12:11

I'm not a very regular visitor of this website, so I found this thread rather late. rr_carroll was one of the first names I heard since I found TRLE after watching and trying out several speedruns. His death is a real shock for me. RIP and I'm wishing his family the best. Finally - thanks, Devon, for letting us know about it.

SaifAhmed777 22-08-13 20:55

I've been here since March and I've heard good things about the Bug Scientist. He's bringed a lot to the TR community. R.I.P.

Johnnay 23-08-13 11:09

I still feel sad seeing this. Feels like I lost his presence here.

Maverin 23-08-13 15:47

Ever since i joined this forum in early 2011 i think ( with another account ) i always had a special interest in his threads. Just because they contained many interesting photos and instructions how to bug/glitch Lara in a special area. He even helped me with many things. I'm sure he did the same with all the other members here, the forums will never be the same without the bug scientist.

You will be missed, R.I.P :(

Verdilet 18-09-13 17:22

I realise I'm a bit late, but I've just found this thread and I wanted to pay my respects to rr_carroll. I remember rr was a huge part of the community back when I joined the forums and one of the members that inspired me start searching the early Tomb Raider games for inaccessible areas. He was always very encouraging when I and other forum members made new discoveries in the classics and very helpful to a number of us during various forum challenges. Now that I think about it, my experience on these forums would have been very different without rr; a sentiment which I'm sure a lot of us share. I'm glad that I had the opportunity to interact with rr on the forums and I'm very sad to hear that he's gone.

The Great Chi 18-09-13 17:39

Not only was rr_carroll interested in exploring the unacessable areas of Tomb Raider games (just like myself) and his famous bugging of course. He also liked to explore the unusual things found in these games.

A very good example of this was finding that not all games were the same, there were some suttle differences, dependant on whether USA, UK, European or Japanese versions. Also the difference between the origional versions and latter budget versions like 'soldout' and 'premier collection' disks. You can check on the disks, the date when the level was burned.

In TR4 we found quite a number of changes to some TR model rooms, so we tried to look at why there was changes, like one in KV5, where a jeep could cheat, and that was sorted in latter versions, Others, were far more difficult to explain,like a slope that had been changed in a corridor.

If I remember, suttle changes also occured in TR3 and a bit less on TR2.

Yes, we will really miss rr_carroll for his insight into these games, he used to get members on here really involved in a subject.

Anyway here is that thread if you are interested, You can see how we loved to go deeply down the rabbit hole of Tomb raider games. Please do not post in this old thread....


peeves 25-09-13 22:03

It's so sad to see that he passed away. It was nice having him on here. I remember i joined this forum over 7 years ago. Now 7 years later he passed away. :(

JsotoTRSaga 27-09-13 20:25

Omg, this is indeed sad news :( im so schocked. Im late as usual ik but i really enjoyed reading his posts May you rest in Peace rr Carrol lost but never forgotten.

msalpha2omega 28-09-13 09:11

Oh my God, this is terrible news... I'm so sorry for your loss... I never actually met him in the forums but he was always so helpful and willing to share his findings with all of us...

R.I.P. bug scientist

Greatest TR 06-10-13 21:51

I only just found out today after I read from Patrick Shannon signature. I just cannot believe this is actually happen. I absolutely devastated and come greatly shock by this! We spent alot of time in private message past two years discussing about Tomb Raider glitches and bugs, his most favorite are TR3 glitches as I recall. I learnt alot from him and his advice aswell. Great man he was.

I big fan of Tomb raider 3 glitches and I found two glitch that rr caroll could never understood and he spent ages to figure out but no success, It was fun that guy like him who has massive experience of glitches. Sadly he not around anymore to figure it out two of my glitches. He is great guy to talk with and I'm very sadden by this! I wish I knew this sad news sooner.

Devon, I'm sorry for your loss. He will be massively miss by this community for big time. This Tomb Raider Forum won't be same for me, I only signed up this forum because his amazing glitches and bug

Goodbye BugScientist, Rest in Peace, Thank you and for your time!

@Patrick Shannon, thank you for showing us of his picture.

RunrigNutter 03-11-13 21:42

I haven't been on forums for ages, and sad to hear to hear this news. May he rest in peace.

Jeissy 06-11-13 21:19

Indeed it is a shock for me to understand this after I haven't been online for quite a while as well! My condolences to his family and friends, and may he rest in peace.

CerebralAssassin 08-11-13 12:41

Sorry to hear he's passed.RIP.

Immortalis08 22-11-13 05:28

My deepest condolences.

I never directly interacted with him, but ever since I joined TRF I always considered him a cornerstone of the TR Community and remember reading his insightful posts while thumbing through the classic forums. It goes to show how much of a presence he's had on this community and he will sorely be missed.

May he rest in peace.

shebj 22-11-13 18:48

I'm so sorry to hear this. my condolences to you and your family.

he surely did make tomb raiding a lot more fun with his discovered glitches

r.i.p the bug scientist

Megalith 25-11-13 23:03

I have just heard these tragic news...i'm really speechless...This forum will never be the same again.The whole TR community will never be the same again.
RIP dear Bug Scientist.Your memory will live forever.

airrr13 04-12-13 17:12

R.i.p. :(

SrDanielPonces 05-12-13 17:42

I saw this thread a long time ago, but I didn't comment..
So, R.I.P Our Bug Scientist :/

Raider969 22-01-14 21:11

I'm very sorry that I'm late. I didn't know about this until now. I just can't believe he's gone. He's was the one of the best. He was one of the people who inspired me to make my Tomb Raider walkthroughs. R.I.P Richard, Thank you for liking my Tomb Raider walkthroughs. If it wasn't for you and the others, I wouldn't have done my walkthroughs. I'll miss you, and I'm glad I met you. :(

Patrick Shannon 27-01-14 19:16

Thanks for the kind words about rr_carroll, Raider969. He meant so much, to so many of us. These forums still seem strangely empty without him. :o

Johnnay 12-02-14 10:29

So yeah it's been over 6 months since his passing

I miss him:(

Spong 12-02-14 11:00


Originally Posted by Johnnay (Post 6998864)
I miss him:(

I still feel guilty about removing the RIP message I had in my sig at the start of the year. His contribution is missed. Not to lessen in any way what other people here do, but whenever a thread appears in the Core boards about a bug or using a glitch, they always feel oddly lacking without rr's input.

Ermagherd589 30-05-14 21:57

He made TRF what it is today...
Sincere condolences from all of Tomb Raider Forums to you, Devon Carroll.
R.I.P rr_carroll

Athukraz 08-06-14 17:06

My sincere condolences.
Rest In Peace. :(

Patrick Shannon 19-07-14 22:16

Oh my gosh--- I was going to make a commemorative post on the one-year anniversary of rr's passing, and it slipped past me! :facepalm:

All the same, here's to you, rr_carroll. May you look down kindly upon us from your corner bug perch, high up in heaven. We miss you, Richard! :hug:


Megalith 25-07-14 15:48

I still can't believe that he passed away.It seems like yesterday when he was posting here.
In my opinion he was one of the biggest fans of the classic TR games on this planet (if not the biggest) purely based on how well he knew everything about them inside and out.I wonder if the guys from Core Design knew about him...i think he would have loved to ask them some bug-related questions.:)
I wish i knew him a bit better as well.

Drone 25-07-14 15:52

That's so tragic, there were so many bug threads where rr_carroll got the last word and everything became clear, it's never gonna be the same

R.I.P. :(

Johnnay 28-07-14 06:25

i actually thought he passed away on the same time the thread title was created.

But im a bit late in saying this but RIP again... 1 Year on, We will miss you here Dude....

Peterstar101 28-07-14 07:55

One year has passed, since your passing but our fond memories of you will not.


Greenapple968 14-08-14 11:57

I'm not sure if this is a delayed reaction kicking in but I have been thinking about Richard a lot more lately and it really is getting me down. :(
Just thinking about his expertise, knowledge, contributions, commitment, passion, personality, everything that made him who he was and our Community really is missing somebody of high significance.
I could always depend on him to explain bugs/glitches/situations/problems and give me reassurance on my playthroughs/Discoveries.
Having been without him for over a year, I truly have realised how significant he was and how this place really is missing somebody special; I've realised how much of a motivator and inspirer he was. Receiving feedback from him was always so rewarding and knowing it's never going to happen again is just devastating. :(

Just writing this has actually brought a sharpness to my throat and dampness to my eyes.

I wish somebody could tell me that this is all one big joke. :(

Patrick Shannon 26-08-14 16:34

Well-said, Greenapple... I sometimes re-visit rr's old threads on these forums, and they always produce a sense of wonder, affection, and nostalgia. :o

Galactica 09-01-15 00:48

I don't really log on this fourm very much and i just only found out. *Sign*

Rest in peace rrcarol

I learnt alot of things from him. Sad to see this happened.

Patrick Shannon 11-07-15 15:36

And now, it's been two years since our bug scientist took that ultimate corner bug up into the sky.

Remembering you fondly, Richard... thinking of all those great adventures and discoveries you shared with us, while exploring Lara's world... :hug:

Alex Fly 11-07-15 16:41

We'll never forget you, rr_carroll ! :hug:

Patrick Shannon 11-07-16 15:29

Three years gone from us, but not forgotten... :hug:


Greenapple968 11-07-16 16:00

Goodness, 3 years since the passing of RRCarroll and I think it's almost 2 years since the passing of Spong. :(

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