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Patrick Shannon 11-07-17 18:07

Today is July 11th, 2017. Four years now since our Bug Scientist left us. Visiting this "sticky" thread is like visiting a shrine. Thank you, Richard, for sharing with us so much of the wonder in the Tomb Raider classics. :)

With fond remembrance... :hug:

Orionvalentine 11-07-17 18:13

It's nice that this thread is still maintained, I think that's a beautiful way to remember Richard :)

Rest in peace, dude :tiphat:

Patrick Shannon 11-07-18 16:06

And today is July 11th, 2018... has it really been five years? Once again remembering our "bug scientist" who explored so many odd corners, ledges, building roofs, and tree tops with us... those were the days... :hug:

Alex Fly 11-07-18 17:44

Wow I can't believe it's been 5 years already... :(

R.I.P. bug scientist.
I'm always a bit sad when an old thread where he has posted is bumped or linked to and realize you're no longer around. :hug:

tlr online 11-07-18 17:56

Still missed.

Maverin 11-07-18 20:17

I had the luck to have some conversations with him when he was still around from 2012 until the end (I had an older account before this one but that doesn't matter now). He was a very kind and warm person. His passion of discovery is severly missed. I'm sure other members knew him longer or better but I'd like to pay my respects as well. R.I.P.

Greatest TR 11-07-18 23:13

Yes, I'm still sad about his passing, We did talk a lot about Bugs, glitches and betas's as well. One of a kind man and fun to talk to I would say, There is one glitch I have discovered myself In Tomb Raider 3 in London level and he was fascinated by it and he tried to understand but couldn't succeed it what I did, He tried like 100 times as he told me, poor sod. Wish I have told him about the glitch method before he passed away. Rest in peace Bug scientist,

Girafarig32 11-07-18 23:43

Our bug scientist will truly be missed. I remember showing Richard a video and wasn't expecting him to watch all the videos on my channel, including the silly "Luddick remix" I made. It was a good laugh. And of course, we would talk about glitches. He was such an insightful contributor to especially the classic tomb raider titles, pioneering glitches that are used even today. He truly lived up to his title. Rest easy, Richard. Once and future bug scientist.

The Great Chi 13-07-18 22:52


Originally Posted by Girafarig32 (Post 7925319)
Our bug scientist.... He truly lived up to his title. Rest easy, Richard. Once and future bug scientist.

Yes, very true.

There was only a few of us that got special titles for outstanding achievements on this forum, so that we could choose our own title.

I was one of them with a title called 'The Inscrutable One', due to my (errm) very inscrutable ways, and rr_carroll got his title as well.

I am now feel rather lonely being the only one left on the forum having a special title, and maybe it is time soon for a few more members on here, that are especially worthy of a special title, to get one.

TRL online who is the administrator, please take note :D

The Great Chi 11-07-20 09:13

Well its 7 years today since the Bug Scientist rr_carroll has left us.

Even nowadays we are still finding some of his old discoveries, for example recently we found out that a member on here spotted in TR2's Bartoli's Hideout, that there is a night/day cycle feature, with the skybox lightening and darkening in real time. Then it was noted that rr_carroll had discovered this way back, years ago ;)

You only spot this feature if you stand Lara outside for some time.

See this thread and message 29...

tlr online 11-07-20 13:32

Still very much missed.

fallenangle 11-07-20 14:35

Yes, very true. experts in any niche field of interest like this when they go, for whatever reason, take with them valuable knowledge but also their enthusiasm. Both are missed.

xtimz 11-11-20 09:41


Originally Posted by tlr online (Post 8215399)
Still very much missed.

Yes. Happened to see this post. It just feels like yestoday.

Patrick Shannon 23-03-21 19:23

And now we have lost The Great Chi, as well. My heart is broken. :cry:

perryloo 24-03-21 09:43


Originally Posted by Patrick Shannon (Post 8288057)
And now we have lost The Great Chi, as well. My heart is broken. :cry:

Yes, Such a pity he is gone, but we have his legacy of video's to remind us of him.

Greenapple968 06-06-21 01:38


Originally Posted by perryloo (Post 8288194)
Yes, Such a pity he is gone, but we have his legacy of video's to remind us of him.

RRCarroll and The Great Chi both have a legacy of videos that live on. I believe I was absent when the news of The Great Chi's death first reached this place but I wasn't absent when we were presented with the news of RRCarroll and Spong. It's shocking to think that next month will be eight years since the passing of RRCarroll, and seven years since the passing of Spong. :( For me, it's particularly saddening that their deaths happened on my month of birth; it's harder to enjoy my birthday when it's riddled with unhappy thoughts and memories.

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