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GFY2013 31-12-17 13:10

TR Trilogy Emulation (RPCS3, XENIA etc.)
Hey guys! I just wanted to share my Anniversary gameplay with you, and it is not the ugly PC version, but the remastered PS3 version, played in RPCS3 (PS3 emulator), in 4K.

Take a look, it looks really beautiful :D :jmp:
not really worth watching now, it's older, glitchy gameplay.

I thought I'd update the first post: now Anniversary runs almost flawlessly in 4K 60fps. Take a look:

Underworld gameplay

It's unlisted because it's a rough cut, but anyone who is interested here can watch it, and get a glimpse of RPCS3 performance. Note that RSX (GPU) utilization is almost always at 99%. It was rendered at 2K, but uploaded at 720P because of the length, and because I was recording in windowed mode to eliminate tearing.

I tried Xenia too, and the manor loaded!! (but nothing else...) So I quickly made a short comparison video on the three versions we have on PC :cln:

Comparing the lighting, the PC version is the outsider here; has more lighting effects and more details, but almost zero shadows, except the one that Lara casts. (But not on Lara.) Also some level textures are higher quality. (at least in the Manor) RPCS3 and Xenia looks very similar in terms of lights, still the Xenia one has weaker, barely visible shadows. Only the RPCS3 version has a better Lara model with higher textures, and specular maps. And finally Lara casts a shadow on herself. Wow.

EDIT: full res pics guess game :mis:
lol honestly no cause theyre in order

The XBOX360 version appears to have higher quality textures (2:34), more foliage (2:47), while the PS3 remastered version has harder shadows (3:23) and more shadow effects (0:42, 2:56) in general.

To wrap things up for however is reading this first post and doesn't wanna read everything in the thread: since v0.0.7-8000+ Anniversary runs, well, flawlessly in the emulator, just a few dips in the FPS in heavy areas (35 fps min in 4K). (Most areas are way over 60, about 100 average, somewhere even more than 200.) Next up is Underworld, which is mostly averages between 30 and 70 regarding FPS. The worst one to emulate of the trilogy is surprisingly Legend, which generates a lot of shader cache (like, Underworld generates less cache in the full game than Legend does in one whole level lol) and runs 20-50FPS.

Exciting times for Xenia!

My RPCS3 settings:
SPU cache: Enabled
SPU loop detection: Enabled
Preferred SPU threads: 3 (I tried with all, 3 yields best FPS, at least in TRA.)
SPU block size: Safe
everything else is disabled. If you're on Ryzen and not on Windows 10 v1903, turn ON thread scheduler. If you're on Intel you can turn on TSX instructions, although I can'T test that.

Framelimit: OFF
Anti-Aliasing: Auto
Default Resolution: 1280x720
Resolution Scale: 300% (sometimes I use less. Depends. I tried 10K too.)
Resolution Scale Threshold: 1x1
everything else is disabled.

Load liblv2.sprx only
Relaxed ZCULL Sync: Disabled (previosuly this was enabled)
Driver wake-up delay: 1 (change this if the game is unstable for you)
Vblank Frequency: 1800hz (newest RPCS3 supports upto 1800hz, before it was 500hz top)
Clocks scale: 100%. (The trilogy requires no scaling when you change max frequency. some games do.)

Use GPU texture scaling: Enabled
Hook static functions: Enabled (I didn't find any gains nor performance penalties from this.)

My specs: Ryzen 1600X, 32GB RAM, GTX1070.

Mokono 01-01-18 00:58

That's absolutely mind dazzling! Is the lag/stutter a byproduct of the recording or the emulator settings?

Thank you for sharing that video with the community. Hopefully we'll get to see more as compatibility progresses.

Kapu 01-01-18 05:22

Too bad I don't have a 4K monitor to view it on. :vlol:

I bet it looks dazzling, though. The 1080p image alone is fantastic. :tmb:

GFY2013 01-01-18 14:09


Originally Posted by Mokono (Post 7809003)
That's absolutely mind dazzling! Is the lag/stutter a byproduct of the recording or the emulator settings?

Thank you for sharing that video with the community. Hopefully we'll get to see more as compatibility progresses.

I think it's due to lack of shader-cache in that area (it was generating everytime you went into a new area, and the camera was seen a new place, thing so to say). After it has been generated (like you were in that area a lot of times, it becomes stable, playable.)
But this isnt for sure, I mean I have no idea how this shader cache works, but after it got saved, it lags no more. But if you re-open the game it has to load all of them back in, meaning it'll take minutes to load, that's why I delete all if there's more than a thousand. (Once I had like 9K pieces of them)
So we can say it's the emulator's, well, it's gonna sound harsh, but "fault". Don't misunderstand me, I find RPCS3 amazing.

Also, too bad that the game itself is locked at 30fps. :o
Btw, thank you guys for the feedback, I really appreciate it!

Anyway, does any of you guys have a 100% savegame for this version of the game? It'd take for me a year to complete it to 100% lol. :o:D

JohnCroft25 02-01-18 07:51

So, is a PS3 emulator available for the PC? :eek:

GFY2013 02-01-18 19:58


Originally Posted by JohnCroft25 (Post 7809357)
So, is a PS3 emulator available for the PC? :eek:

Yeah :D some games wont go in-game, some wont even boot.

You can try it here: https://rpcs3.net/download
Of course, no games are included.

AimlessThunder 04-01-18 08:28

Lovely! If only they released a patch for the PC as well.

GFY2013 04-01-18 16:19


Originally Posted by AimlessThunder (Post 7809882)
Lovely! If only they released a patch for the PC as well.

That'd be awesome! :D

Dustie 04-01-18 18:21

Impressive... I didn't even realize people were emulating PS3 already, but that's only logical. The footage looks awesome. Hopefully the emulator will reach a point where the issues will no longer occur.

Jorje Croft 04-01-18 19:46

no matter wat, TRA is still a decent TR game in my opinion, I had a best experience with it from LAU trilogy. it feels totally TombRaiderish

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