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Final Count 14-01-20 07:21

Catacombs rope swing help!
I'm currently trying to complete the one Tomb Raider game I've never completed: The Last Revelation. Unfortunately, I've been stuck for a while now. I'm in a room in the Catacombs, where I need to grab a rope in mid-air, and then line-up the swing to grab another rope, and I just always miss it.

If I aim straight on, she flies right by it. If I aim slightly to the left, she flies right by it. If I aim slightly right, she flies right by it. And sometimes, when I do the jump, Lara does a weird rotation in air, so it seems like I can't grab onto that rope, no matter what. Any tips?

Maverin 14-01-20 09:09

The rope swing is far from perfect I'll give you that.

It's clunky and frustrating because most of the times you'll end up with a buggy camera and Lara flying in the wrong direction.

I can't give you much advice except to keep on trying. Don't forget to press control to grab the next rope of course. :o

dcw123 14-01-20 09:27

Yeah not the best placement of ropes since its at an angle.

What I tend to do (might take a couple of tries) is when you geton the first rope, either climb to the very top.. or slide down to the very bottom and wait for the rope to completely stop moving.

Aim Lara to the left of the rope (she jumps off the right side of the rope she is on) so the second rope in the distance is roughly in line with her right elbow.
Her head should be in line with the corner of the pillar in front of her


She SHOULD make it perfectly...

Final Count 14-01-20 11:26

Thanks guys! I finally got it to work. Aiming Lara to the left of the rope worked, even though I had tried doing that before. I guess I had to be even more to the left, than I thought.

Also, the fact that it worked caught me by surprise, so I nearly screwed up grabbing the next rope :D

fallenangle 14-01-20 16:31

You're going to love one of the later areas.

The problem I've always thought is mainly due to camera. If you learn how to line LC up correctly you get minimal rope jump failures including rope to rope ones. I also believe that using the analogue stick for directional movement etc may be another contributing factor to the problems some players have.

The thing is when she jumps from one rope to the other the camera usually shifts clockwise. Similar thing when adjusting her position on the rope ('seated' position) or when in full swing. That shift in camera position is disconcerting and may lead you to think you need too and even actually input additional directional correction when that is not needed.

Maverin 14-01-20 17:45

This rope swinging was a hot mess to be honest. It's probably the worst move in Core Tomb Raider history. LAU did this so much better.

_Seth 15-01-20 11:19

Easy tip that works every time: Only jump once the ropes align while mid-swing. Don't align the ropes before with or without the look button; she'll be angled perfectly when the ropes match during the swinging animation which is the exact moment you have to quickly press Jump. :)

charmedangelin 15-01-20 16:56

I made a thread with this for some tips and pointers as well. :wve:


New Dwight 16-01-20 07:33

always hated this part in the game...

HarleyCroft 16-01-20 23:05

The Catacombs rope swing UNappreciation thread :p

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