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Xevengar 18-08-18 20:13

Post 500
This is post 500 on this thread, and I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone one of you for all the support you have given not only to my mods but to Tomb Raider in general.

Hope to see you all for a very long time, cheers!

Xevengar 22-08-18 13:28

Play as Gorilla + Gorilla Lara
Hello my friends how's it going, time for another animal mod, but this time with some added crazyness!

Today I bring you all perhaps the most obvious animal to play as, and it is none other than our friend Gorilla Croft!

However...Nature always finds a way to keep a certain balance, so the Gorillas are not turned into Laras!

This works in all the tr1/uf/gym with no visual glitches.

Have fun and see you around!





Download - Play as Gorilla + Gorilla Lara

Alex Fly 22-08-18 14:09

Lol nice one. And those Laras replacing the gorillas are creepy! :vlol:

NoahCrofRaider 22-08-18 15:42

Oh my, thatís fantastic! :vlol: :D Lara replacing the gorillas is an especially nice choice.

Legends 22-08-18 23:13

Those are great, X! I loved the gorilla Lara. So funny! :D

It kind of reminded me of Bacon Lara for some reason.


Xevengar 23-08-18 01:26

cheers guys, deep down I knew the Lara Gorillias would be the star hehe.

Bacon gorillas would be fun too xD

Zolee 24-08-18 16:42

Haha, those Lara-gorilla enemies :vlol:

Melanogaster 25-08-18 13:57

Awesome! Loved the gollaras... do keep them coming!

Xevengar 25-08-18 19:32

I love that the gorilla laras have around 10 names already ahaha

I call them Larillas :P

Quebsenuef 25-08-18 21:47

Seeing the hilarious Lara Gorilla hybrids made me think... could you make the Centaurs Lara-like?

Not sure if itís possible. In my head Iím just imagining four Lara legs on the huge body thatís wrapped in her teal green tank top hahaha

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