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innuendo1231 13-12-15 15:29

Cool :)

annl 14-12-15 07:54

Did you use Glidos or replace the textures using PixStr?

archfiend 15-12-15 23:02

I used glidos. Replacing the rextures is a great idea but unfortunately i'm too lazy for it right now.:D

ANoDE 01-01-16 22:07

I use this mod in combination with barracuda's ATI patch. It's so awesome to play the game in full hd resolution AND having Lara wear her hair like she's supposed to :D

Thanks for your work - I REALLY appreciate it!

Famicom 19-03-18 22:45

Is it possible to get psx uzi sounds without the braid?

pequito 31-07-20 09:11


I found this Patch and it looks nice. I have already completed TR1 with it and it works great. But UB didn't. I had copied the UB PC Uzi sound files into the Data folder in the game directory. Exactly like TR1. But it didn't work. What am I doing wrong?:confused: I am using the original Retail Version from the Premier Collection with the Retail Fix for Windows 10. Thanks in advance. :)

mizuno_suisei 01-08-20 10:15

Hey :) I actually ripped the elusive PSX Uzi sound the moment TRMOD was released many years ago! I never understood why the PC was underwhelming. Was amazed to see it in this braid mod and glad it did!

PC sound - 1 shot sound
PSX sound - 3 shot sounds with transitions

I love the 'turn and roar!'.

Does your UB work prior to this mod at all? if so - then somethings up with the level files. I assume you're replacing the exact right files mm.

TBH - I highly recommend you use TombATI from Glidos.com to update your TR1 Rig. If you have steam/gog/disk installed - it does it all for you. No more dosbox and, i've never had a problem using modded UB level files :)

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