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sackboy123 28-02-15 08:19

There are videos of the mod in the Modding Section of the WIP

archfiend 28-02-15 15:11

Look at the first page guys links and thread have been updated. If you want to use newest version just download the mod again. If you have modded tr1 home outfit and shotgun torso with braid i can use it for the mod.:D

Lara_Fan1 01-03-15 00:21

It looks weird :vlol:.

I mean, its great to see Lara finally have a braid on the first game like she was suppose to but because I've never seen it, it looks weird lol.

The Great Chi 01-03-15 03:58

Archfiend has made a nice job of this, texturing and putting braided Lara in TR1 levels for you to play :tmb:

The braid (ponytail) is a fixed one, rather than an active one like TR2's version, though the whole ponytail moves along with the movements of Lara's torso.

Here is a few seconds of ponytail action :D

sackboy123 01-03-15 07:51

Would it be possible to actually getting it to animate :confused:

archfiend 01-03-15 08:03

It's nearly impossible unless you're a coder.

DVDSpike 01-03-15 08:18



archfiend 01-03-15 08:52

Why not if he can reveal the secret codes.:D

sackboy123 01-03-15 09:03


Originally Posted by DVDSpike (Post 7295909)

He could do it but atm his focusing on TR4/5

archfiend 01-03-15 19:57

I'm thinking of releasing the mod for ios too, if i can.:D

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