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mistamontiel 12-11-19 20:26

ALT binocs skips curiousity
:hea: I've been playing along to the one run on SDA, but I am playing Dreamcast

wtf, binoculars not trigger level end for me!

UroshUchiha 12-11-19 20:56

I've seen a couple of speedruns of TR4 and TR5 and from what I've gathered the binocular end level trigger is waaaay to precise. You miss by a pixel and it won't trigger. You also have to kill every active enemy in the level for it to work or something. Usually (always?) Lara has to be stuck in a wall (illegal position) for the binocular skip to work as well.

Not sure if anyone I've watched played the game on Dreamcast though.

laravision 12-11-19 21:04

The ALT (advanced look triggering) strategy used in glitched speedruns, should work on the Dreamcast version, as seen in this video. Some triggers can be tricky to activate, and require precise positioning and camera/binocular aim. And, if I recall correctly, any active enemies need to be disposed of first.

Woops 12-11-19 22:11

And flares. Enemies and flares. (the flare in her hand is fine though)

mistamontiel 13-11-19 13:58

Wow crazy! Funny he use PS1 pad onscreen too

I don't know I do everything Ewil does but doesn't happen

Long tough game! I shall instead play as intended when he alt :confused:

mistamontiel 04-12-19 22:28

..I think I overlooked that the flare needs to burn out for ALT 0.o

Welp, I played it through! DAMN Dreamcast is stupid dark! And especially the part where light supposed to shine down through holes in the roof, but it don't, shiit!!!

And not even a boss just to run back out.. now I'll be heading into TR5 but not expecting much, and actually will like TR6 guess because PS2 and will be avoiding glitchbugs :cln:

So so far I think TR2 is craziest and greatest.. wow Core really burnt themselves out

I think TR4 has the least if not any sense of progression.. how am I supposed to do any of that without watch :confused:

EDIT: Also I wish the cinematics+FMVs would put caption/subtitles.. I am native and only English knower but half of those times I don't make out what they are saying

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