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Leon2703 16-04-18 00:03


Originally Posted by iWANEX (Post 7856500)
I think Blackmoor explained it beautifully here:

Ah yes, I did see that post and it is a very well thought out analysis. But it doesnt really answer my question. What I want to know is the meaning of "Croft" in the context. Her faher was not seen as someone grand, but rather as a crazy man who hit the bottom of the well. Even to Lara.

I do understand where they were going with it, but it seems like a plot hole, like "oh we decided to change Richard from someone great to a lunatic to fit this story". Doesnt it ?

Rai 16-04-18 00:14

Well, I think as far as Lara is concerned and Roth too up to an extent, Lara had contradictory feelings towards her father. There's the man she looked up to as a kid, the archaeologist adventurer who went to cool places, the man she wanted to be an assistant to (as seen in a Rise flashback). And then there was the flip of the coin Richard who had crazy ideas about the immortality myths, which she didn't believe. I think she could at least admire his bravery and archaeological reputation and his determination and belief in himself, something she didn't think she had in herself at the time.

CrowdedToaster 16-04-18 01:57

I think the context in that scene when she says she's not that kind of Croft is that she is not the type to adventure. Looking at it literally from the context of the scene, she is supposed to climb the radio tower this send an SOS signal. Saying, "I'm not that kind of Croft" is her saying she is not one to do such a big task. To adventure. To do more than just simple research.

Then, looking at it by inferencing, I think it's that Lara is saying she doesn't think she'd be able to reach for such heights like her father. Her father was successful, even though he had been discredited and she didn't know why yet. She doesn't see herself as one to reach such success (before being disgraced). To reach such heights. When she reaches the radio tower and climbs it, it is like a representation that she is able to. A foreshadow that she will reach even greater heights.

And also, speaking to the the point that Lara may mean she isn't the kind of Croft in reference to her father being seen as a lunatic: I think she could also be saying she isn't that type of person. I don't personally think so but I can see it. But at the same time, I think she's more saying she isn't one to turn into what her father seemingly became. She doesn't want that end maybe? Could also explain more as to why she continues her father's research in Rise

Leon2703 16-04-18 02:32

Hmm, thatís true, it must have taken much faith, strengh and bravery to keep fighting for what he believed through out his career. Specially in the end when the world was turning against him, even his daughter :(

Dustie 16-04-18 11:15

The reveal event is next week! :D

Yeauxleaux 16-04-18 11:24

^Good. Let the bitchfest commence.


iWANEX 16-04-18 11:25


Originally Posted by Dustie (Post 7856644)
The reveal event is next week! :D

I KNOWWWWW!!!!! OMG!!!!! :jmp::jmp::jmp:

I believe it's going to be the best TR by CD. Anyone else feels the same way?

ZIP!2009 16-04-18 11:53

Well itís been cooking in the oven for quite some time now - so letís hope so.

Vaskito 16-04-18 11:56


Originally Posted by iWANEX (Post 7856648)
I KNOWWWWW!!!!! OMG!!!!! :jmp::jmp::jmp:

I believe it's going to be the best TR by CD. Anyone else feels the same way?

I do.
Rise is the best Tomb Raider game to me, so I know they'll be amazing with Shadow since it seems to be even more promissing

Hazelphoenix 16-04-18 11:56


Originally Posted by iWANEX (Post 7856648)
I KNOWWWWW!!!!! OMG!!!!! :jmp::jmp::jmp:

I believe it's going to be the best TR by CD. Anyone else feels the same way?

I donít know if itís going to be the best, since I believe this is extremely subjective at the end of the day, but I have a feeling that Iím most certainly going to enjoy it a lot more than the the previous Reboot games. Even if not as a Tomb raider game, but at the very least as an action/adventure game. Thereís something about the plot that feels very intriguing, the Mayan myths, the eclipse, and the first audio mentioning the Amazon certainly caught my attention. The setting seems also very promising, finally lush jungles full of vegetation and green. Then, it also boils down to it being the final chapter of a trilogy, therefore some kind of mind blowing plot twist is to be expected to keep the climax sky-high, hopefully. Speaking of which, I hope the narration has improved drastically in this regard, I want to be proven wrong after all these years of being let down.

Part of my positivity also stems from the fact that Iím keeping my expectation in check when it comes to classic-related nods and references. I am not expecting to see Lara with a classic outfit, nor a re-imagined one just like I am not expecting to see the dual pistols make a comeback, not yet. Then, if that was bound to happen, even better. But I donít want to set myself up for disappointment, at this point Iíd be at least partly satisfied with a good plot and an interesting environment to explore.

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