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VictorXD 31-05-18 00:27

Thank you so much everyone! :hug:


Originally Posted by 2001LC20 (Post 7890874)
It's good but don't you have an HD version god damn it!

What do you mean? The pic? It's just imgur eating up quality during upload, the image looked better before.

Originally Posted by Yeauxleaux (Post 7890871)
Really nice. Love her expression, and her body shape is literally the perfect balance of ideal but believable.

Thank you!

And yes I like this body too, I was trying to achieve the proportions of the CGI model. CGI Lara looks perfect to me.

Originally Posted by tlr online (Post 7890864)
This looks really good Victor. :tmb:

Oh wow, even the all mighty penguin is complementing me! :eek: Thank you Justin! :hug:

2001LC20 31-05-18 00:30

Can you give me a link of a high resolution version of it? Pretty please :)

VictorXD 31-05-18 00:36

Here you go. :)

2001LC20 31-05-18 00:45


Originally Posted by VictorXD (Post 7890885)

Thank you so much! Now i can clearly say you did a fantastic job! Come up with more of these if you can bro! ;)

TrustyBow 31-05-18 00:49

Holy Christ! That's amazing, Victor! Really like the shade of blue.

SpyrosMonster 31-05-18 01:16


Originally Posted by VictorXD (Post 7890885)

*Leaves this here*


Evan C. 31-05-18 01:22

That is absolutely amazing. If she looks like that in-game, I'll be so pleased.

plastiboi 31-05-18 01:24

she looks so badass! Perfect job with her! :admles:

iWANEX 31-05-18 01:27

INCREDIBLE! Really nice job! The outfit is so cool!

Lyle Croft 31-05-18 01:28


Originally Posted by biscuits (Post 7890784)
My baby is starting to fully grow :cry:

OMG! This conversations sounds like something sassy Core Lara would say. :jmp:

I hope we get a good amount of Sass in shadow.

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