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Lucy_Croft 19-07-20 14:53

Tomb Raider I on Steam - AutoFix problem
Hello. I'm trying to run TR1 on Steam - out of the box it plays fine apart from the gamma and missing sounds, so I've been trying and failing to get that Automated Fix patch to work.
Have followed the instructions for it exactly, but once it's installed it fails to launch the game (TR1 or UB) and I get an error pop-up:
'WARNING: 0:2: extension 'GL_EXT_gpu_shader4' is not supported ERROR: 0:65: 'textureSize2D' : no matching overloaded function found (using implicit conversion) ERROR: 0:65 '=' : cannot convert from 'const float' to '2-component vector of int'

I click OK to that then a second pop-up says 'Failed to start ATI CIF'

I've tried to verify the game files thru Steam, as I've seen some people suggest, but it still doesn't launch and I get a different pop-up with an error about 'invalid patch module'.
I can't count how many times I've done uninstalled and clean reinstalls... to no avail.

The majority of people seem to have been able to use the Auto Fix with no issues, and I can't find a single thing referencing the same issue I'm having! I'd guess it might be to do with Glide, as within that text file there's lines about the gpu_shader4 - but I don't have the knowledge to find a solution myself.

Any advice would be much appreciated!

SophieAyase 19-07-20 17:49


Originally Posted by Lucy_Croft (Post 8219131)
I've tried to verify the game files thru Steam, as I've seen some people suggest, but it still doesn't launch and I get a different pop-up with an error about 'invalid patch module'.

This part I can sort of help with, as I ran into it yesterday trying to get TR1 to work with TR Level Player. The executable looks for a .ini file in the patches folder with the same file name - i.e., if the executable is tombati.exe, the INI should be called tombati.ini; tombub.exe looks for tombub.ini. In my case, I'd renamed tombati.exe to tomb.exe to get TRLP to recognize it, so I had to rename tombati.ini to tomb.ini.

Barely helpful at all, I realize.

Lucy_Croft 19-07-20 18:18

Thanks very much for your reply, I've had a look but it seems there is already an .ini file in the Patches folder which is named the same as the .exe :confused: Appreciate the help anywho.
I'm not totally sure what it does when it verifies the game files... It said there were 83 missing, which it 'resolved', but I don't know what files it's actually retrieving... Either way, it doesn't like it!

Soo I've screenshotted what happens in the common folder after 1) clean install, 2) auto fix applied, and 3) game files being verified. The AutoFix seems to remove/tidy up a lot of the files, and then during the verifying they get put back in again, which seems to cause some confusion in the mysterious processes.
I guess I just need to figure out why I'm getting that first error about shaders/textures/vectors...

Update: have tried removing the four files from the Shaders folder that AutoFix adds in
When I do that, same problem with it not launching, but the error message is different, then it complains that it can't find those files and 'DirectDraw cannot be started'.
Am wondering if it's something to do with them.

More investigating...
This is what my laptop has installed graphics-wise:
I'm now thinking it's maybe too out of date or something to understand the GLSL going on in those shader files the patch is using.
But what is it they're doing that isn't part of the original package from Steam?
And can they be worked around/edited so my old Intel chip can read them?
(Have tried updating the drivers for the chip... It's as up to date as it's gonna get).

If I move these files out of the Steam folders...
Then I no longer get the original pop-up about Warning 0:2 and Error 0:65!
But it still says 'Failed to start ATI CIF' :|
Getting the feeling this might end up involving editing .dll files or something and starting to think it ain't worth it :D

ANoDE 29-07-20 06:42


I just found your thread.
According to the initial GLRAGE (base for TombATI) release notes, there can be problems when using integrated Intel HD Graphic adapters, since their drivers fail to implement the necessary OpenGL extensions correctly (There should be some mentions of this in the 'Tomb Raider' section of this forum.

If you have a laptop with switchable graphics, you could try to force the 'perfomance' adapter (AMD, Nvidia, etc.) for TombATI.

Other than that I think, until someone changes glrage to use a different OpenGL implementation, you might be out of luck (don't take my word for it though, I'm just repeating what I took away from previous conversations).

To answer your additional question: The Automated Fix installs the TombATI patch, that uses a native Windows executable and emulates a hardware interface released by ATI in the 1990ies.
The files you mentioned are shader files, helping the implementation render the game correctly. Afaik, TombATI cannot work without them.

If you can't get the Automated Fix to work, there should still be DosBox based versions around - some of them even with GLIDE support for nicer graphics.

Lucy_Croft 29-07-20 19:15

Ah thank you so much for the reply, that makes perfect sense.
Luckily I have since managed to get gidierre's DosBox version running without too many issues. I just wanted the music really so I'm happy with that :)

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