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MilkShakespear 28-10-19 13:36

Timex TMX Grip Clip GAME??
Hey Raiders, apparently during the release of Chronicles, to hype up the game and new movie (Cradle of Life) Tomb Raider teamed up with Timex for some $$. In addition to selling a "Tomb Raider TMX Grip Clip", Timex's website included "an online game where Lara defeated her enemies with the Timex Grip Clip watch."

Does anyone know ANYTHING about this game? Do any screenshots exist? (And here's the reach) Is it even at all possible to PLAY this game? I will happily reward someone $100 if they can get me to the point that I can play this game through.

Patrick Shannon 30-10-19 23:31

This game would indeed be fun to find and play, if it exists. I've never heard of it, although I do have one of the clip watches in my collection.

I hope somebody can provide the needed information... :D

george_croft 04-11-19 11:36

From what i can find there's no mention of this game on the official Timex website viewed through web archives between 2000-2001. There's a section dedicated to Tomb Raider though if you click the Banner, you can double check to see if there's any info I've missed.

The Tumblr you linked to seems to have posted a defunct link to a supposed screenshot of the game. Have you tried contacting them to ask if they have the images of the game?

Laralicious 05-11-19 20:26

Hi, I run the Virtual Lara tumblr.

Sadly, when I put that link up, the image existed but I never saved it. Well, now I save everything! Sorry that I can't help; I've been watching this thread to see if anyone else had anything. I've had a quick search in Meagan's book and it seems that she hasn't written about it.

MilkShakespear 14-11-19 18:19

Laralicious! You run a great tumblr! I'm a big fan, so shout out to your diligent work!

Laralicious 18-11-19 12:34

Thank you, that's very kind. Although it's a tumblr, I try to run it like a fan website, putting up unique stuff that doesn't usually fit the tumblr blog format.

I'm always researching in to Tomb Raider's past, checking old fan sites and the such, so hopefully I will come across something that will help in this mystery.

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