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mizuno_suisei 23-11-19 22:43

The Angie of Darkness!
I've been torn on which subforum to post this one, but I think this adds up to be the best.

I've been toying with the Japanese TR movie DVDs which come with very lossless split channel audio designed to create a dub itself. I've spent a week cycling through franchise wide TR tracks to play with and this is the only remotely closest thing to sounding okay. 7mins took alot of days..couldn't not end with something.


UroshUchiha 23-11-19 22:55

Sigh, now I have to rewatch the only two TR movies ever made yet again. Thanks for this :D

Kapu 24-11-19 14:41

Certainly gives that scene a MUCH different vibe! Nice work!

LateRaider 24-11-19 20:49


Originally Posted by UroshUchiha (Post 8154516)
Sigh, now I have to rewatch the only two TR movies ever made yet again. Thanks for this :D

they made TR movies? :confused:

UroshUchiha 24-11-19 22:17


Originally Posted by LateRaider (Post 8154755)
they made TR movies? :confused:

I have to admit that I love me some Angelina from time to time. Especially in her role as Lara.

larafan25 24-11-19 23:26

watching this, it goes well together, but i can't believe how faithfully crystal dynamics replicated that house... wow... if only they could make a tomb raider game...

mizuno_suisei 25-11-19 01:10

Thanks everyone!! The editing got to me and I actually thought it was horrible but, replaying it back and the feedback, wasnt such a waste of time :D

TRExpertgamer 03-12-19 04:24

Great video!! :tmb::cool:

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