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Ruu11 04-01-20 11:44

Deleted Cutscenes
Just messing around with the game archives (PC version)


They are supossed to be in order, but we jump on CS_2 to CS_6
Does this mean that there was a CS_3, 4 and 5 etc???

If i'm not mistaken "CS2_51A" is when Lara runs away from Carvier's Apartment, so then we have that jump number from 2 to 6...
It maybe has sense because after Carvier's the game starts to be kinda rushed (the Paris Ghetto night version etc)

Idk. what do you think????

Zsott 04-01-20 12:03

What about the conversations?
Aren't they located within the cutscenes?

red_lion 04-01-20 12:18

Hi Ruu,

There is a certain point framework in TRAOD. These include the CS and the IG and have numbers. I made a list of levels and cutscenes, here.

There is on the tomb of Ash website also a list CutScenes and In Game scenes that are removed or not finished. Here

But to give you an answer:

CS_2_51 PARIS2C Kurtis sees Lara exploding a pipe
CS_2_51A PARIS2C Cabal meeting

I think there is also a missing cutescene CS_2_51B, where Lara lands on the boat (the end of Rennes Pawnshop), comparing the maps of the Louvre and the boat goes down to the river (the Seine) where she would escape to the Louvre Storm Drains. What else can it be?

And CS_3, CS_4, CS_5 are in the levels of Louvre Storm Drains, Louvre Galleries and Galleries Under Siege. I guess there was not enough time to make CutScenes or was not planned any cutscenes in those levels.

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