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sicklebrick 15-05-13 07:19

YAMATAIPatch - TR2013 Exploration & Augmentation
No longer available.

Honestly, TR2013 was terrible and I'm sick of maintaining the patch.

Happy Tomb Raiding.

H4RR7H 15-05-13 07:29

Neat, thanks :tmb:

Edit: Any possibility of a locking of camera position control in future? So you can film stuff like this:

sicklebrick 15-05-13 07:37

Hah, I remember you filming that video. Yeah H', TRU and TR2013 share a lot of code, so it's probably very easy to find. I do love that vid...

tlr online 15-05-13 07:46

Welcome aboard. :wve:

Interesting thread. You will need to remove the official tombraider.exe from the payload and references to enlarging Lara's features in your post in order for the thread not to be flagged by Square. If the thread disappears, you'll know why.

sicklebrick 15-05-13 07:52

Happy enough to comply. But before I do, why hasn't this thread had any such warning in 4 years despite being far more blunt about its purpose?

tlr online 15-05-13 07:53


Originally Posted by sicklebrick (Post 6784680)
Happy enough to comply. But before I do...

You don't really have a choice. :) Drop me a PM and we'll discuss it further. Thank you for your prompt response.

Shark_Blade 15-05-13 08:01


Originally Posted by sicklebrick (Post 6784668)
-Jiggly Boobs
-Massive Boobs.

Main priorities tbh. Pity it's only for PC.

sicklebrick 15-05-13 08:02

No no, I always have a choice. The .exe has been removed and everything else seems in order, at least in terms of the community guidelines. I can't imagine why else square would get involved, so sending you a PM.

jaywalker 15-05-13 08:04

As long as the gamer sees the version number 743 when they launch then you know theres no need to distribute the exe as all exes are all for intents and purposes identical (usually on steam theres extra drm added which gives each exe a unique signature, thats not the case for TR) :)

Distributing game exes is something that will always get attention from owners of IP :)

sicklebrick 15-05-13 08:06

Yeah, Jay - it was just to avoid the inevitable srteam of "it dusnt work" come update day. It's the removal of the boob references I'm not pleased about. I'd rather remove the thread, download and ditch this account than be hushed on the matter.

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