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young Lara Croft 28-10-08 21:19

Wow Tampi your entry is amazing!

TRfan23 29-10-08 22:01

I bet you soon, when we see the death of Underpus in the game. People'll start print screening pics of that, then modify them!? ;)

As opposed to him alive!

Sharon_14 30-10-08 05:42

Its a part of the puzzle, he will be crashed by bunch of spikes as Lara pull a lever... but he will always live in our heart...

Xero 30-10-08 06:43

Every single day I visit this thread. Man my face hurts lol.

KC Mraz 30-10-08 07:43


Originally Posted by tampi (Post 3160784)

LMAO :vlol:

CrisGer 30-10-08 23:23

that thing is ugly!

Chocola teapot 02-11-08 18:01


Originally Posted by tampi (Post 3160784)

OMG its absolutely amazing!!! :vlol:

H4RR7H 02-11-08 22:17

Is this thread still appropriate as a sticky? It's getting a little crammed in the TRU forums :o

KC Mraz 03-11-08 08:22

I found out that Underpus appears in the Re\Visioned Tomb Raider animated series! :D


I know, that's pink and is not on the Med (it's on Lusitania, if it's the real area it's very close to the Mediterranean sea anyway. On present Portugal). But could easily be at least a familiar! :3
It's on the episode 9 'Raising Thaumopolis' btw

Henpen 03-11-08 16:47

Underpuss attacks small socttish island!


And again!!!

I have way to much time...:D

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