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tampi 03-11-08 16:52

^^It seems that he wants to get some shoes :D
Good fan art-work!:tmb::tmb:

Lara-Ferguson 03-11-08 16:58


Originally Posted by young Lara Croft (Post 3044198)

I wish he was! :p

Here's the DA version without the text!!!!!!!!!!!

Haha thats GREAT! :D it would be more interestiing if underpus would play davy jones xD

xMiSsCrOfTx 04-11-08 00:23

Lmao @ Casapus. Nice one, tampi! :vlol:

dragoness_crysta 05-11-08 17:29

This beasty here gives me the creeps...

ivannnnn 07-11-08 07:23

LOL :vlol:

tampi is great!!! :):)

MattTR 08-11-08 19:41

Say WOOT for the new Underpus render! :D


Bigger version here. :tmb:

Sharon_14 09-11-08 11:34

He looks too hawt!!

Legend of Lara 09-11-08 11:57


Originally Posted by KC Mraz (Post 3180811)
I found out that Underpus appears in the Re\Visioned Tomb Raider animated series! :D


I know, that's pink and is not on the Med (it's on Lusitania, if it's the real area it's very close to the Mediterranean sea anyway. On present Portugal). But could easily be at least a familiar! :3
It's on the episode 9 'Raising Thaumopolis' btw

Wrong. It's from episode 10, A Complicated Woman. ;)

tampi 09-11-08 12:09


young Lara Croft 09-11-08 15:40


Originally Posted by tampi (Post 3198855)

Awesome! he fits the part ! :tmb:

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