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Olabelle 10-06-08 01:55

Oh my god.

I love this thread so much. And it encouraged me to go onto WoW and make a Draenei named Underpus. @.@

cococomics_pres 10-06-08 03:29

Feather Duster 10-06-08 04:02

:vlol::vlol::vlol::vlol::vlol::vlol::vlol::vlol::v lol::vlol:

Keir_Eidos 10-06-08 08:35

Best thread ever! This is so funny!

You lot crack me up :jmp:

Rivendell 10-06-08 09:18


Rexie 10-06-08 10:21

couldnt resist xD

Angelus 10-06-08 10:43

"I is in yur tomb... locking yur door".

croft94 10-06-08 12:39


Originally Posted by Zebra (Post 2760590)

Loved these:D

Laras Backpack 10-06-08 12:43

This is brilliant!! :D Underpus is totally becoming my next screensaver.

stereopathic 10-06-08 15:05

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