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-Roli- 30-04-10 18:35


Originally Posted by Raymond (Post 4561144)
Just to remember: If someone wants a bug to be fixed like this one above, you need to prepare a bugproject with all the necessary files and the description of the issue and then load it up and give the link to me.
Otherwise you won´t get the bug fixed.:)

Okay Raymond, I will do it :) Thanks!

Lucky Cookie 01-05-10 16:07

Not sure if it really is a bug but when i try to rotate the texture all the textures in that room goes white, but if you go to a certain angle the textures don't go white :confused::confused:

Titak 01-05-10 16:20

Try to set compatibility to Windows XP or an earlier version.
I've heard this solved the problem in some cases.

Other than that, it is a more graphicscard + drivers related problem than TRNG.

Lucky Cookie 01-05-10 16:32

Oh i see, forget to set it back to that lol

Thank you :D

Piega 12-06-10 17:07

A want to present a new bug, that is if it is a bug. After testing all afternoon I cannot get my leveljumps to work properly.

In TREP my leveljumps where fine and working. Things that I have checked are:
load camera,
Lara object (even checked with the animation tool in NGcenter)
Title flyby (same Lara object as my levels and flyby starts with 1)
Lara skin and everything is 100% the same in the levels.

Deleted possible errors from the crash report like,
missing font,

All I get is a file close in the crash report. No errors in the script. I can leveljump 2 or 3 times and then the game crashes. I have no TREP related stuff in the project left behind as it was more patching then actual triggers in the project.

In other leveljumps I get an invisible Lara, flickering meshes or objects dissapearing. Are there other games made with leveljumps in TRNG?

Resethub is no option as my levels are interconnected. This is a serious problem and I encounterd one of the same bugs with objects missing in the levels from Titak. If there are things I discouver I'll report them here but for now I think this is a serious issue.

Wad size, 40 pages.
Objects, still under 255 placed.

God Horus 12-06-10 17:09

^ I have had this problem, my Lara would go invisible sometimes and random objects would go missing.

There may be a fix, but I didn't have the time to wait for one and I knew that Paolone had his own issues so I just worked around it.

We should look into it however.

Titak 12-06-10 17:15


Originally Posted by Piega (Post 4669524)
I encounterd one of the same bugs with objects missing in the levels from Titak.

Yep, confirmed.
Never noticed it before but objects seem to go missing when going back and forth between levels, especially when going back and forth several times.
I haven't had any crashes, "only" the missing objects.

This is a very serious issue for me because my manor can't be played without the leveljumps that take you back and forth between the different parts. :(

Going from one level to the next is fine in my case. Nothing goes wrong then.
It is purely related to the going back and forth between levels.

God Horus 12-06-10 17:24

I posted this problem about a month ago and I tried experimenting with placing the missing objects in the other level as well but it didn't help.

It is serious though because the animating objects in my level (all the manor columns) were all spread out afterwards and the banisters were missing, and everything in the library was missing!

Piega 13-06-10 16:52

I did some more testing. To be sure it is not a limit I copied the new TRNG levels into TREP. Sinds the levels are still under the original 255 object and texture limit they work fine in TREP. And what happens? The levels load back and forth without any problems. I've level jumped about then times with weapons drawn and everything.

So I highly believe this is due to the modifications of the TRNG engine that makes level jumping not compatible. While I have absolutely no idea about programming I sense it has to do with the increase of the object placement of animatings and maybe even statics sinds statics can also dissapear. Sinds they are all stored in the savegames this info also travels with leveljumps (so that a door stays open when you return in the level and a picked up item is really picked up). Could this be the cause that the engine go's wacky after level jumping more then two times?

I think this is very high priority as some major games that depend on TRNG can never be finished :(

Walrus 13-06-10 17:18

I have as well 3 or 4 levels with leveljump, and after read this I tried to see if those levels have the same problems, but nothing: i tried with Lara shooting, bathing, burning and everything, all goes right. Maybe, as Piega said before, the problem is about the animatings in the levels. I have about 6 animatings in the wads, and even the hi-res objects are multiple statics. Have you tried to use a flipeffect variable to add some animatings to the memory code?

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