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LoreRaider 20-09-22 18:00

If you're posting this on TRNG section I assume you're using it, or isn't that the case?
I ask because TRNG passes the 255 vertices limit already, so no need to worry about that :p

justin 23-09-22 12:57

Grenade Launcher appearing on Lara's back
So this is a funny one! After Lara picks up some grenade gun ammo 2, Lara's back shows the grenade gun in the next level. I've seen this issue with the shotgun, maybe it has to do with meshswaps. Any idea what causes Lara to appear to have a weapon on her back that she doesn't actually own?

I can work around it by changing the "weapon on back" memory to 0, but I'd prefer to find the root cause :)

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