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Mokono 14-01-10 22:18

Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness Modding, Costumes & Texturing – Discussion
Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness

Modding, Costumes & Texturing – Discussion

The original AoD modding thread can be found here. Reasons for this new thread to exist:
-The original poster of the old thread is not a member of this forum anymore, so updates of the main page without the aid of a Moderator are virtually impossible.
-There are many links broken, wich might not be easy to fix, as many users hadn’t uploaded a copy of their mods anywhere.
-Because of the first reason, is also hard to keep people informed on new ways of modding, because AoD allows more than mere Texture editing.

There are 2 valid ways to mod this game, both have their respectives advantages and disadvantages over each other. Therefore, there are gonna be mods released for both ways, although is the autor of the mod the one who decides the final format of it’s mod. Also, these tools can be used combined, wich widers the diversity of the modding experience. In this matter, modding AoD can be a very thrilling and creative experience.

http://i1382.photobucket.com/albums/...ps889c05e9.gifAnd what do i need to start Modding?
-Character files and how to get them
-Texmod is available at The Hub
-The loader, and it's files at Spared Life's
-The Modding Tips, Tricks and Tutorials have a lot of useful information.
-SparedLife's post here.

http://i1382.photobucket.com/albums/...ps889c05e9.gifWanna kill Janice, Kurtis or Pierre?
-This post has all you need to know.

http://i1382.photobucket.com/albums/...ps889c05e9.gifGetting the glasses on Lara :cool:

And this new thread has just begun :D.

http://i1382.photobucket.com/albums/...ps889c05e9.gifUPDATE 2014:
-This thread has been abandoned for a while, new threads have been made documenting progress in modding this game, they are the following:
  1. Tomb Raider 6 Modding Thread
  2. The Angel of Darkness Graphics Patch

http://i1382.photobucket.com/albums/...ps889c05e9.gifUPDATE 2017:
  1. Mod - Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness Text Cleanup
  2. Tomb Raider - the Angel of Darkness 1.5
  3. Nakamichi680’s AoD Levels definitive patch

http://i1382.photobucket.com/albums/...ps889c05e9.gifOutfits and their locations:

http://i1382.photobucket.com/albums/...ps889c05e9.gifDownload the tools:
001. SLConverter-TRAOD- 1.02 by SparedLife
002. SLConverter-TRAOD-Chapter tools by SparedLife
003. Camera fun tool by SparedLife
004. LaraD hack (literally) hack (tool) by SparedLife
005. AoD Skin Loader by SparedLife
006. Getting The Glasses on Lara by SparedLife
007. Attachments Tool by SparedLife

http://i1382.photobucket.com/albums/...ps889c05e9.gifGame saves, camera hacks and more!
001. Paris1.GMX camera control patch by SparedLife
002. Death/Health game saves by SparedLife
003. LaraD camera views game save by SparedLife
004. Hall of Seasons game save by SparedLife
005. Kurtis/Sanitarium game save by SparedLife
006. Another fun save collection by SparedLife
007. AutoWalk game save by SparedLife
008. Set of front camera game saves by SparedLife Alternate download
008. Immortal Louvre game save by SparedLife Alternate download
009. LaraD hack (literally) hack (tool) by SparedLife
010. LaraD with sunglasses game save by SparedLife
011. LaraD with sunglasses and Janice game save by SparedLife
012. LaraD with sunglasses (front view) game save by SparedLife
013. Sunglasses game save - level set 1 by SparedLife
014. Sunglasses game save - level set 2 by SparedLife
015. Sunglasses game save - level set 3 by SparedLife
016. Sunglasses game save - level set 1 (front view camera) game save by SparedLife
017. Sunglasses game save - level set 2 (front view camera) game save by SparedLife
018. LaraD in Paris with odd camera by SparedLife
019. VonCroy game saves (upside down, angled, 900,000,000 bullets, invulnerable, super closeup, etc.) by SparedLife
020. Archaeological Dig game save by SparedLife
021. Lost Domain Dig game save by SparedLife
022. Cutscene game save by SparedLife
023. LaraS as Kurtis by SparedLife Alternate download

http://i1382.photobucket.com/albums/...ps889c05e9.gifDownload the mods:
001. Blue/Green shirt (when dark dark green, when light more blueish) by Zelda master
002. Angel of Darkness Lara Upgrade by Sukkel
003. 2048 x 2048 HiRes LaraD.chr by SparedLife
004. 2048 x 2048 HiRes LaraS.chr by SparedLife
005. Invisible Lara (.chr) by SparedLife
006. Alpha-channel enabled Lara (.chr) by SparedLife
007. Lara Tara Tarheel by Zac Medley
008. Legend of Darkness by Zac Medley
009. Junebug camo by Zac Medley
010. 2004 skin 1 by SparedLife
011. 2004 skin 2 by SparedLife
012. 2004 skin 3 (brown suede) by SparedLife
013. New tpf by SparedLife
014. 2004 skins 4 and 5 by SparedLife
015. Green-eyed red-head with blue t-shirt by Zelda master
016. Kurtis.chr topless (for KTEBers!) by Chocolate Alternate download
017. Paris1.GMX for 360 character movement in room by SparedLife
018. LaraD Early AOD-Jeans (TexMod .tpf skin) by Zebra
019. 2004 skins 6-10 by SparedLife
020. Camo LaraD by badboy70
021. T-900 Terminator Lara by Zac Medley
022. The Kurtis Trent Collection by Zac Medley
023. GROK camp spam by badboy70
024. Old AOD Model by Zelda master
025. Links for .chr file downloads by SparedLife
026. The return of the black bustier by Zac Medley
027. TR II SOLA wetsuit by Zac Medley
028. Tomb Raider movie by Zac Medley
029. Tomb Raider III splash screen on the walls of the Louvre ductwork by Zac Medley
030. Japanese room with Shoji screens by Zac Medley
031. Pink AOD Camouflage by b0bb13
032. Pink AOD Shorts by b0bb13
033. And Blue Lagoon by b0bb13
034. DDS textures for the PARIS1 screenshot room by Zac Medley
035. repaired and alpha enabled Sukel Lara model by SparedLife
036. Eckhardt on fire. by Zac Medley
037. invisible Lara.chr by SparedLife
038. Christmas Kurtis by Zac Medley, Aurimas
039. Kurtis.chr with normal map and alpha-channel by SparedLife
040. Long neck LaraD.chr by SparedLife
041. Long legged LaraD.chr by SparedLife
042. Bull-legged LaraD.chr by SparedLife
043. Crooked arms LaraD.chr by SparedLife
044. Chesty LaraD.chr by SparedLife
045. LaraS Pink wet suit by Aurimas
046. Repaired Aurimas pink suit (LaraS.chr) by SparedLife, Aurimas Alternate download
047. Giraffe LaraD.chr by SparedLife
048. Purple Finger Alien by SparedLife
049. LaraD.chr Ape Arms by SparedLife
050. LaraD.chr Long Arms by SparedLife
051. LaraD.chr Long by SparedLife
052. LaraD.chr No Neck by SparedLife
053. Lara Croft Tomb Raider the Movie by Zac Medley
054. Lara torture by SparedLife
055. Lara Croft: Christmass Raider outfit by Zelda master
056. LaraD Medical by Aurimas
057. Torquoise-Fuscia blend by kooky
058. As above fixed by SparedLife .chr and .tpf by SparedLife, kooky
059. 3 Scary LaraD.chr by SparedLife
060. LaraD.chr HiRes DXT3 with Alpha-channel by SparedLife
061. LaraD.chr in a mess by SparedLife
062. Shiny Rainbow LaraC1 fixed by SparedLife by SparedLife, kooky
063. NPC LaraD.chr with sunglasses by SparedLife, kooky
064. NPC LaraS.chr with pink glasses by SparedLife
065. NPC LaraS.chr with sunglasses and 2 guns by SparedLife
066. NPC LaraS.chr with sunglasses and 3 guns by SparedLife
067. different version of the title screen by playerjck530
068. TRAOD.exe with sunglasses hack by SparedLife
069. AOD hot pants variant by Zac Medley
070. LaraC2.chr alpha by SparedLife
071. LaraC2.chr shiny by SparedLife
072. Lara.chr with 1024 normal map and alpha-channel by SparedLife, Sukkel
073. Christmas 2007 outfits by SparedLife
074. LaraC2 in glass by SparedLife
075. LaraD.chr HiRes DXT3 skin, map and weapons (no alpha) by SparedLife
076. Tomb Raider Underworld by badboy70
077. Merry Christmas TRF by Zac Medley
078. Rainbow 2 LaraC1 by Zac Medley, kooky
079. TRU (image, TexMod log and Thumbs) by badboy70
080. 1024x1024 32bit tga with an alpha and the backpack masked out by SparedLife
081. LaraD camo by SparedLife
082. LaraD NY by SparedLife
083. LaraD Blue and LaraD NY2 by SparedLife
084. Jacket modded LaraD (alpha channel enabled) by SparedLife
085. LaraD Skins from game textures by SparedLife
086. AOD Legend outfit by Zac Medley Alternate download
087. longer braid by SparedLife
088. Kurtis with the Alpha channel activated by SparedLife
089. LaraD and LaraS with long braid by SparedLife
090. Underworld base texture for AOD Lara by SailorTaurus
091. skin layer and combined it with another texture by Marvyn Android, SailorTaurus
092. Lara bump by SparedLife
093. Wetsuit by Mokono
094. Camo pants, Converse boots, t-shirt & shooting vest by Mokono
095. Bimbo Boaz by Mokono
096. Beta Classic Larson (Does not includes Sukkel's Lara) by Mokono
097. Converse beta mod by Mokono
098. NPC LaraS.chr with pistols by SparedLife Alternate download
099. NPC DXT5 Lara.chr by SparedLife Alternate download
100. Kurtis Short Sleeves Jacket by Mokono
101. Playable Arizona DXT5 by SparedLife Alternate download
102. Playable Boaz DXT5 by SparedLife Alternate download
103. animal print by SparedLife
104. Rave Mod by Mokono
105. Tomb Raider II: Starring Lara Croft outfit for AOD by Mokono
106. You'll have to download it by LaraRules81, VictorXD
107. Janice 2.0 by Mokono
108. AoD Classic by Cristina
109. Alpha Lara mod by tombraidergale
110. Poker Face (Lady Gaga mod) by Mokono

Broken links being fixed ATM...

Cristina 14-01-10 22:36

WOW COOL!Can´t wait to start to make AOD mods whit texmod!:cln::hug::D

EDIT: first mod in this treat :D


VictorXD 15-01-10 14:04

I wanna contribute for this new thread!:) I'm off to start modding right now!:D

Mytly 15-01-10 17:18

Nice work, Mokono. :tmb:

Thread stickied.

Bughyee 16-01-10 08:41

Can somebody tell me how to get the glasses,to be all the time in the game?pls

Mokono 16-01-10 17:43

Getting the glasses on Lara

Originally Posted by Bughyee (Post 4298423)
Can somebody tell me how to get the glasses,to be all the time in the game?pls

1) Download the following files:
-AOD Texture Editor

2) Go to your main AoD folder, search for a folder named BIN and open it:
-Search for TRAOD.exe and move it somewhere else.
-Place the downloaded TRAOD.exe in the folder.

3) Return to the AoD main folder, go to the folder DATA, and then open the folder MAPS:
-Move the .GMX.CLZ files in the folder you placed the AOD Texture Editor and drag the .GMX.CLZ files to UnCLZ.exe as shown below.


-Do it one by one... The result will be the file you dragged without .CLZ extension (PARIS1A.GMX for the example above).

4) Once you got all the .GMX files, move everything back to the MAP folder (including the new files).

5) Do the same with the files in the CUTSCENE folder and the AUDIO folder.

That should work without problem :).

Bughyee 16-01-10 19:56

I've done everything you said..but still she doesn't wear glasses..i even started a new game.

Bughyee 16-01-10 20:04

Sorry..i used TRAOD scu and now works!!txs very much!!!

Bughyee 16-01-10 20:32

Well..i checked and everything is ok..

Mokono 16-01-10 20:43

Wow, a triple post xD. Try to use the http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/buttons/edit.gif button instead of posting consecutively :o. Anyways, the EXE calls for the .GMX file, that's why it asks you the CD, because you might have missed one of the files. Try checking that the .CLZ and .GMX files are the same number (without counting FRONTEND.gmx and INVENT.gmx).

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