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Xevengar 29-04-18 16:30


Originally Posted by Pigfaced (Post 7868509)
All of these are just so much fun. It's also impressive to see TR3 Lara on TR1. Who knows what other things can happen with this engine...

If I had a request, then it would be to play as the cowboy!:D

I'm glad you like them :D

Rest assured, the cowboy is on my to do list!

JoelCaesar 02-05-18 10:15

These are great!

How about Batwoman ;) Bat = Lara


Xevengar 02-05-18 13:56


Originally Posted by JoelCaesar (Post 7871656)
These are great!

How about Batwoman ;) Bat = Lara


Thanks man! Than one is also on my to do list :ton: Should be great hehe

Xevengar 02-05-18 14:03

Play as Palm Tree
Good evening everyone, how are you today? Hyped for the new tomb raider game? What about the Tomb Raider cup? :D

Today I bring Dj Full's great idea come to life!

And with his words I shall describe this model: You can now play as a palm tree "so every swandive is a facepalm".

Blending in with nature has never been easier, so give those dinos hell and strike from where they least expect

I hope you guys have fun with it,and untill then see ya around!

This works for all tr1/ub levels as well as the manor




Download Link

Alex Fly 02-05-18 18:18

LMAO I knew it would look fantastic! Great job! :vlol:

Pigfaced 02-05-18 19:02

WOW, you can literally make a Lara model out of anything. That's some really impressive work, but just imagine what you could do...

with Lara's doppelganger... :ponder::ponder:

Xevengar 02-05-18 19:57

Cheers guys, I really enjoyed making palm tree lara :jmp:

Well actually i did in fact make doppelganger playable, but since it was one of my first edits and i was just messing around, it is missing a few things and so i plan to re do it in the future, but here it is anyway: Doppelganger

The Great Chi 02-05-18 20:35


Xevengar 02-05-18 20:45

:D:D:D marvelous!

Originally Posted by The Great Chi (Post 7872418)

Alex Fly 03-05-18 17:39

Someone reported a problem with 2 of your mods on Twitter. According to this user there's a problem of messing up with the sprites. For the TRIII Lara it replaced air bubbles with blood sprites and plants with sacks, for the Doppelganger it has the same problem but with different sprites as shown here or here. Is this a problem with TombATI or the mods in general?

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