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jschuuring 07-04-18 11:38

funny but i prefer to see lara.

Xevengar 07-04-18 14:41

Play as Von croy
Hello once again, before I get to work on the ideas you guys gave me, i will release one that was near completion. This time you can play as the famous Werner Von Croy. Keep in mind the model bugs a bit in the level "Tomb of Tihocan" but works fine in all others

Have fun and stay tuned for more :D




Download link - Play as Von Croy

Alex Fly 07-04-18 15:42

^ Nice one! :)

But his mouth has something scary... :pi:

Xevengar 07-04-18 16:28


Originally Posted by Alex Fly (Post 7851765)
^ Nice one! :)

But his mouth has something scary... :pi:

Losing the race in tr4 countless times did that to his mouht :D

_KC_ 09-04-18 15:53

These are really cool. Good effort on this, well done!

Xevengar 09-04-18 23:49


Originally Posted by _KC_ (Post 7853156)
These are really cool. Good effort on this, well done!

thanks man! Glad you like them :D

Xevengar 09-04-18 23:55

Play as Skateboard
Well DVDSpike, I liked your idea so I hope you are happy with the result :D

This time we have a lara made of skateboard kid's skateboards so you can roll through the levels as fast as you can! :cool: :cool: :cool:

Hope you guys enjoy it!




Play as Skateboard

HarleyCroft 10-04-18 02:37


Lara Coft Baby 10-04-18 03:28

Nice, the trex one looks really funny. :cln:

DVDSpike 10-04-18 07:13

Priceless! :vlol: :vlol: :vlol:

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