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laracroftswest 28-02-21 18:56

Tomb Raider Cookbook and Travel Guide coming

Join Lara Croft on a journey to the world’s forgotten cities and prepare delicious food from around the world with Tomb Raider: The Official Cookbook and Travel Guide.

Tomb Raider: The Official Cookbook and Travel Guide is a thrilling and delicious tutorial on recipes inspired by the cultural history of the many locations Lara Croft has visited throughout her 25 years of global adventures—bringing the taste back home to you. Based on the hit Tomb Raider videogame franchise, this book features over 40 recipes inspired by the many locations Lara Croft visits and explores across the globe, with food and drinks inspired by key characters and locations. Also included is expert information on the cultural history of the many beautiful cities and countries to which she travels. A global exploration including fan-favorite recipes as voted on by members of top Tomb Raider fan sites around the world, this unique cookbook and travel guide takes fans on an exclusive journey across the planet chasing the thrills and adventures of Lara Croft. Featuring beautiful full color photography as well as stunning art from the games, this is the ultimate gift for fans, travelers, and food aficionados alike.

OVER 40 ALL-NEW RECIPES: Features over 40 recipes inspired by the many locations Lara Croft visits across the world
FAN-FAVORITE RECIPES: Fans will have the opportunity to vote on official Tomb Raider websites for favorite recipes to be featured in the book
TRAVEL GUIDE: In addition to over 40 recipes, this book includes a one-of-a-kind travel guide celebrating the many beautiful countries and cities Lara visits
25TH ANNIVERSARY: Officially licensed by and created in partnership with Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics for the 25th anniversary of Tomb Raide

Los Angeles 28-02-21 19:08

This actually sounds exciting.

Rai 28-02-21 21:04

Beans on toast had better be in there. It looks simple, but it has to be done properly :ohn:.

JuditePrince12 28-02-21 21:07

This is actually pretty cool. I hope there are deserts :p

griffabee 28-02-21 21:07

What a weird, yet suitable idea??? :)

Lara_Fan1 28-02-21 21:13

When you think of Tomb Raider and them celebrating 25 years of Tomb Raider not once did a Cook Book ever cross my mind, itís so ridiculous itís genius.

Mikky 28-02-21 21:30

April Fools is still a month away...

Raxel 28-02-21 21:42

These things are actually not uncommon. Quite a few franchises have them. Personally I'm not sure what to make of it. It's just a simple cookbook after all.

Chamayoo 28-02-21 21:50

Yaaaaas !
Can't wait to learn how to cook the Divine Sauce and the sewer's chocolate bars. :princess:

Evan C. 28-02-21 22:57

Won't buy it but seems cool...or hot, depends on the dish :D

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