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FreakRaider 06-11-15 11:40

Tomb Raider - the Angel of Darkness 1.5
Newest Update

red_lion 06-11-15 11:56

Wow! This looks great.
I'm thinking for a while to remake TRAOD but I don't have time. It is just a little fantasy. But you make it real!

I wish you great luck!

Phlip 06-11-15 12:27

Hmm keeping my eyeball on this. :)

SLAYER 06-11-15 13:13

That was a nice surprise!

VictorXD 06-11-15 13:55

WUUUUUTT!!!! :eek:


Is that Unity or Unreal engine?? Either way it looks amazing! And how on earth did manage to etract the animations??!!!?!11! It looks so awesome. Hoping to see it finished :D

FreakRaider 06-11-15 13:57

The animations are not extracted :D

CheshireBitch 06-11-15 16:23

Well they are very well done then ! ;)

bekim 06-11-15 16:52

WOW! well done :jmp:

michaeldt 06-11-15 16:53

Oh WOW! :yik:. Looks incredible!

dcw123 06-11-15 17:11

Nice.. now if only the models could get a little face-lift (like XNALara models for example)

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